Meaningful products, excellent engineering culture and hugs

Welcome to Softblues to experience it all!

Why Us

  • Engaging projects/products

    Trendy technologies, modern JS frameworks and libraries, progressive web and mobile, headless e-commerce, machine learning and big data analysis
  • Transparent HR policies

    Adherence to national labor legislation, individual approach and appreciation of each team member
  • Elaborate company processes

    Peace of mind, proven tools and no bureaucracy
  • Value-driven culture

    Best practices of teal organization, personal leadership and life-long learning
  • Responsible mentoring

    Strong in-house expert base, competence matrix, and extensive professional growth opportunities
  • Personal Development Plan

    All based on years of experience and clearly defined responsibilities to cut down on the assumptions

Our mission

We are to deliver success to our clients, team members, and partners by providing tech solutions for their businesses. We build our relationships with people and make all our decisions with regard to our mission.


Softblues values



We are open with our colleagues, partners and clients. Trust means the world for us, and we truly believe that it s one of the essentials for personal and business relatonships.



We always speak our mind in a clear and friendly way. We believe that smart critique and discussion together ensure perfection. We appreciate sharing ideas and being honest. So our partners and clients are always safe and well-informed.



We are totally accountable for our corporate decisions, promises and actions, both successful and not. Any occurring failures or successes undergo thorough analysis for us to take a further action. We always seek the ways to improve and get a fair feedback.


Excellent planning

Every project begins with a comprehensive plan, defined timeframe and a deadline for every milestone. Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Everyday working tasks are no exception.


Continuous improvement

With over ten years in the IT market, we’ve learned that success comes from hard work and positive attitude. We are continuously improving ourselves and our products and services, as well as the world around us.