Experience: 5+ years of experience
Job type: Budapest, Hungary
POSTED: April 19, 2022
FUNCTION: QA Automation Engineer
ENGLISH LEVEL: Upper-Intermediate

SoftBlues invites you to take part in the competition for filling the vacant position of the QA Automation Engineer in the company LAB49.

We are looking for a candidate that is interested to relocate to the capital of Hungary – Budapest.
There is a financial support during the relocation.

About the opportunity

Lab49 is a boutique consulting firm that designs and builds bespoke financial applications for international investment banks, exchanges, asset management firms and financial tech start-ups. We partner with financial services firms on industry-leading digital transformations.

Our consultants are experts in strategy, user experience, architecture, engineering, and delivery management. We combine knowledge of the latest trends in technology with deep domain expertise to deliver innovative solutions with accelerated time-to-market.

We have offices in the US, UK, Eastern Europe, Latin America, India and Australia. We’re experiencing significant growth across all Lab49 locations, and are looking for smart, progressive engineers able to directly engage with clients to deliver modern best-of-breed platforms to support their business.


• Design and build advanced testing capabilities for applications across platforms, while understanding our products from both a technical and business perspective

• Communicate with leadership, product owners, other technologists and users to create working testing software based on an understanding of business and technical priorities

• Break down complex problems into elegant solutions utilizing Cucumber and other automation tools such as Perfecto, Selenium

• Work with data sources and APIs

• Assist development teams in improving testing efficiency and identifying non-compliance with requirements, including edge cases, usability and general reliability

• Work with development engineers to track down defects

• Actively contribute to improving software prior to distribution to Lab49 clients

• Advocate test-driven development and deliver high-quality testing capabilities


• Proven software-based automated testing experience

• Experience in Cucumber and BDD.

• Computer Science or related field of study or equivalent experience

• Experience working with data via REST and JSON

• Experience working in an Agile environment

• Working knowledge of the general development landscape, architectures, trends and emerging technologies.

Who are you?

• You have an engineering mindset. We are not hacking things together or building algorithms in isolation; we build real systems, and we treat software as a craft that we approach with an engineer’s discipline.

• You are technical but thrive in delivering business value. The business outcomes are always front-of-mind – we love technology, but the end game is always about creating business value with the most efficient and impactful solution.

• You are naturally curious, and a passionate problem solver. You’re unafraid to ask “why?”. You want to understand the problem, dig deep, collaborate with colleagues to come up with the best solution possible.

• You are someone we want to work with. You challenge the status quo and are someone we can learn from. We hire great people, and they are the cornerstones of Lab49. To be a success in this team you will need to live our values of integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion, and collaboration.

• You can collaborate with our clients. As a consultancy, our ability to work with our clients is paramount. You present well, communicate clearly, act professionally, and achieve great outcomes.

• You are passionate about technology. You follow the industry, you tinker and hack, and you read aplenty. You know that the technology landscape changes every few years and you retool continuously.

• You have built things. You’ve seen the whole project lifecycle, you have delivered; you’ve seen failure and you’ve learned from it. You have developed the insight that will enable you to lead your team to deliver on time and within budget.

• You have mastered a full technology stack. You know its problems; you know where it shines. In addition, your knowledge and experience extend to other technology stacks.

• You have attention to detail and don’t expect others to clean up behind you.

• You are pragmatic. You get things done, you can find a creative compromise between an ideal solution and actual client needs.

Why should you come work for us?

• It is a challenge. Your peers will push you, and you will grow in leaps and bounds which is impossible in traditional organizations.

• We push our clients to be better. We challenge the status quo and bring modern thinking, technology, and processes together to help them gain an edge. We leverage our global expertise to provide proven thought leadership.

• We are flexible. We understand you have a life beyond work, and we want to prioritize your work-life balance. As a consultant, you will see a multitude of technologies, organizations, and projects. You will learn a lot in a very short period of time.

• We are a vendor and tech stack agnostic and need to be adaptable to various constraints and challenges.

• We are a flat meritocracy. What matters is how good you are and how well you and your team deliver.

• We are focused on the finance domain. There are plenty of areas where technology is a competitive advantage, and our clients turn to us when they need more innovative solutions.

• If you ask our team, they will probably tell you that their extraordinary peer group is the primary reason that they work for us.

• We are entrepreneurial and agile. There is a lot of opportunities to take accountability and grow quickly.