China B2B E-Commerce Platform

The international platform that connects reputable manufacturers from China with sellers all over the world.


The fundamental goal: to integrate an existing retailer platform in China with a B2B platform that enables the creation of online stores with an established product base for users around the world.

The challenge was to scale and internationalize the platform with separate access rights for Chinese users and global users. The number of manufactured goods exceeded 2 million units. It was also necessary to build a cluster of servers – one in Hong Kong for quick access in China, another one in Europe, and one more in the United States.

Discovery Phase

At this stage, a DevOps expert was worked on finding the best solution to ensure the speed and data transfer. He was also challenged to organize the continuity of data integration and migration between servers in different countries.

A  team of developers analyzed the capabilities of scaling across a large number of products and users. Their task was to build a SaaS, so it could automatically create solutions for different types of users.

PHP Symfony was chosen as the main Backend technology.

We also conducted business analysis of the basic requirements and created wireframes for the primary interface elements.

The team who worked on this stage involved:

One DevOps, one Backend developer, one Frontend developer, a product manager, a marketer, a UX designer, and a business analyst.

The duration of the phase – 1.5 months.

Initial Phase

At this stage, we tested all the primary hypotheses and laid down the basic architecture – servers, continuous integration, development process, and essential design elements. We conducted an initial business analysis and selected the core team for the project. 

We set up the project management process via Jira. 

The team involved at this stage: one DevOps expert, Backend and Frontend developer, marketer, UX designer, business analyst, and a project manager.

The duration of the phase – 2 months

Development Phase

During this phase, we developed all the necessary functional features. The project was successfully launched in the central sales regions and ensured high-quality interaction of all the platform’s users.

The platform works the following way: it collects data from the drop-off service, then transfers it to a shared database and allows an online store to be created in the correct region with an already selected design and necessary set of goods.

As a result, both balances and prices throughout the store update automatically and billing works around the region with regular payments to sellers.

Team: three Backend developers and one Frontend developer, a DevOps, a UX designer, a business analyst, a PM, and two QA experts. 

The duration of the phase – 8 months.

Support Phase

The whole development team supported the project, involving additional teams for local developmental processes, designs, templates, and marketing initiatives.