Plugin for Long-Term Menu Planning

Sinnapse Marketing Agency

Sinnapse Agency, a Brasilian advertising agency specializing in digital marketing.
The agency has developed its own methodology and software solutions to help their clients acquire new consumers and generate more revenue.

ProntoLight is a Brasilian food delivery service with a mission to help individuals enjoy healthy diets on a daily basis and achieve their fitness goals.

The companies empowered SoftBlues to develop a WooCommerce-based plugin for creating and editing individual menu plans to bring more value to people keen on healthy eating and food budget planning.

SoftBlues just rocks when it comes to advanced back-end development. Whatever they do, they keep in mind both technology and business aspects of the project. They bring expertise, and this is more than just software outsourcing.

Leonardo Mafra
Front-End Developer at Sinnapse


The store offers ready-to-use healthy menus, although if a customer doesn’t like a particular meal, he can remove it and substitute by another one from the store. At the same time, the customer will receive a report on his menu budget, his weight progress and calories consumed. The online store admin is able to suggest any number of different menu combinations for any period of time. On the other hand, a customer is able to customize his own menu according to his preferences (choosing menu items from the store selection).SoftBlues implemented the idea of customizable menu, price and calorie calculation option together with weight tracking.

Bussines Benefits

  • Long-term menu planning options

    Long-term menu planning options

  • Flexible menu selection and WooCommerce product kit formation

    Flexible menu selection and WooCommerce product kit formation

  • Admin option of WooCommerce product kit formation

    Admin option of WooCommerce product kit formation

  • Improved menu budget planning

    Improved menu budget planning

  • Sensible calorie intake and weight control

    Sensible calorie intake and weight control

  • Effective food delivery scheduling

    Effective food delivery scheduling

  • Payment gateway integration with ERP

    Payment gateway integration with ERP


WordPress and WooCommerce seemed like perfect technology to ensure cost-effectiveness, as well as flexibility and prompt delivery.

SoftBlues designers created the store menu which matched the general website stylistics:
a product – screen product
menu for the selected day – screen menu
Menu editing option for a customer – screen menu editing

The front-end of the project was designed with React and Ajax technologies, because user-friendly interface, together with fast database performance and a number of other interactive features were really important for the food delivery service customers.