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WooCommerce based solutions are the area of our main expertise. We know how to make your software sell

The reason for your e-commerce success

After years of thorough research and experience with different e-commerce technologies like Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop and even the creation of our own сommercial platform based on CodeIgniter, we truly fell in love with WooCommerce and WordPress.Once you introduce your project to us we can consult whether WooCommerce is the best technology for it, whether it’s cost-effective for this specific case and which methodology should be applied for its development.We’re a team of e-commerce developers that have worked with store owners from different business sectors (from hand-made one product stores to large electronics sellers) which gives us the right to assume that we know what the e-commerce entrepreneurs dream about.

Plugin and theme development

Our WordPress and WooCommerce expertise inspired us to become the WooCommerce plugin and themes pros. Here’s the list of plugins and list of themes that we’ve created for the mass market and, of course, we can develop the unique ones to serve the needs (and wants) of your business.

WooCommerce API integration and migration from other platforms

Looking to avail the capabilities of a third-party application? An API is obviously the way. We can stitch together WooCommerce and an external application with ease.We can help you to migrate all current store’s data including orders, products, customers and all the settings from any platform to WooCommerce. Plus, we are good at customizing the current store design or developing a new one so that all data is displayed neatly and interacts well with the WooCommerce technology.

WooCommerce technologies that we're keen on

  • Subscriptions
  • Memberships
  • Booking
  • Multivendor
  • Multistore
  • Product Filter, Search
  • Automation: Import-Export, User Management, Orders Management, Custom E-mails.

Project Staging

Definition and Scoping

We start by discovering the essence of your business idea, aims, and expectations. We create project’s initial scope, determining the possible areas uncovered or unconsidered. We ask questions to ensure smooth performance and crystal clear understanding in the future. The more questions we ask in the beginning, the better result we get in the end. So get ready!

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Estimation and Planning

At this stage, we break the project scope down to the detailed milestones and estimate the timeframe. However, as a matter of fact,  the software development process is hard to predetermine 100% and sometimes it might be extended due to some new features, design сhanges or extra revisions. The development hours beyond the preliminary estimate are added to the final project cost.Every client has his project’s deadline and this means a lot to us. Depending on the project’s scale and the timeframe, we dedicate the team of developers to the project and its size might vary.

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We set up the dev environment on our servers and all the tasks will be performed there.As a matter of fact, we sign an NDA in case our team access the client’s databases. No worries about data security, we know how to ensure this one as well.Each project is coordinated by the Project Manager who is available on any messenger you prefer like Slack, FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.For the projects with sophisticated architecture, we apply agile frameworks and provide the stakeholders with access to the team tasks dashboard. The software is updated with each task completed and the client follows the project pacing and progress in real time.

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QA and Delivery

Once we’ve accomplished all the tasks, we do the backlog review and make sure everything is performed appropriately. We assist in launching your project on your server or you receive it in a preferred format, like a plugin or a theme that can be easily installed by your website admin. Plus, the technology guide is prepared and serves as a valuable tool for your product/project management. Software quality assurance is a must at this stage.

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Long-term partnership is our passion and we make you feel secure and progressing when it comes to the online business. Once your project moves to another stage of its development or just needs some improvements, we’re always ready to assist and come up with some ideas.

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