Learning Management System

Why does your company need Learning Management System?

Personal account for students

Give your students the possibility to:

  • Track their schedule and its changes
  • Consult their teachers
  • Chat to their group mates
  • Receive access to course content
  • Do their homework or complete their tests online
  • Receive personalised feedback
  • Track their own progress

Course content management

Manage your course content efficiently and polish
teaching approaches by:

  • Providing the information about courses in any prefered format
  • Using a number of integration options for holding online trainings
  • Adding different type of content and assessment tools
  • Benefiting from flexible content copying and pasting instruments
  • Enjoying support and assistance in adding the course content

More sales

Increase your sales and maximise repeated purchases
of your educational tools:

  • Option to add new courses straight to the website
    and provide access to the trial lessons
  • Sell more courses by analyzing your students’ database
    and making the most of email marketing
  • Sell both online and offline courses
  • Benefit from online payment option and provide access
    to the course via membership or subscription
  • Track your income and keep all your payments in one place

Improve personalisation

Develop personal relationship with students and enable your teachers
to communicate more with their students by:

  • Monitoring performance of each student or a group
  • Setting notifications on each student’s progress,
    timely messaging and tutoring tips
  • Checking students’ homework and providing feedback
    in one working environment

Business analysis

Get on the new level of transparency and analytics:

  • Monitor an individual student or group progress
  • Analyse course results
  • View your teachers’ performance
  • Apply flexible methodology of analytics
    to your studying process

Improve engagement

Get your students involved and motivated by:

  • Adding gamification to the studying process
  • Option of conducting online testing of different types
  • Automatic notifications based on student’s progress
    and next steps instructions
  • Automatic issuing of online certificates

LMS Integration Stages Overview

Discovery Phase

At this stage we analyse your existing business processes and choose the most relevant technology for their automation. We make a preliminary estimate of project complexity, required budget and timeframe for implementation.

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Proof of Concept (PoC)

We outline the detailed structure of the project, create its design prototypes and divide its scope into short milestones with duration from 1-3 weeks.

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Product Development

We apply the agile methodology that is very flexible. You pay for each milestone after its completion, revising and approving everything each time. This way, we move until the final stage.

Next Stage

Content Management and Training

After your final approvement of all technological aspects, we add basic content to your platform and create different course sections. Afterwards, we offer your staff technology training on how to admin and make the most of the created solution.

Next Stage

Technical Support

Once you start using your platform and get the first clients, we discuss our further cooperation, your individual support plan and the strategy for its development.

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Pricing Models Comparison

Depending on your business requirements and processes, which we learn thoroughly at the discovery phase, we offer the type of technology  that will fully meet your expectations. As a matter of fact, we develop educational projects by using WordPress, LearnDash and custom plugins, or we create your platform from scratch by applying Laravel. In the table below you can see the examples of standard and custom features which can serve as a basis for the future projects architecture.

WordPress + PluginsWordPress + Custom Plugins or Custom Solution
Course managementCreate courses, assign lessons and attach contentNon-standard structure of courses and lessons, specific content
Quizzes and AssignmentsStudents can answer different types of questions and submit assignments at the end of each courseMultiple testing algorithms (not just the Q&A types)
Selling coursesUse one-time purchase or subscription to enroll customers into coursesInternal user wallet, cryptocurrency payment, reward points, referral program, etc
Lesson scheduleSet start date for lessonsDisplay calendar. Set different date for same lesson for different groups
Group ManagementOrganize your learners into groups and assign courses to themAdvanced group relationship, sharing the course lessons with other groups or courses
Teachers and instructorsAssign a mentor to the group who can manage students progress and communicate with themElaborate students hierarchy and access permission within a group, advanced group mentor features
Social managementStudents can sent messages to each other, make friends, create discussionsEnhanced social opportunities: Wall, chat, etc
GamificationAward points and badges to learners. Progress ratings and, displaying the leaderboardThought-out way of earning points, complicated relationship between courses and students level
ReportsTrack course and progress assessmentFetch unique, not typical data. A number of advanced types of displaying, filtering and searching data
Starts at $10К, project delivery timeframe 1-2 monthsStarts at $30К and project delivery timeframe — 4 months

Support Plans

Development time10 hours20 hours40 hours
Content management time10 hours20 hours40 hours
Upgrading the WordPress stack
Performance management
Security reviews
Log monitoring
Versioning of code
Ticket system
Estimated cost$1000 / month$2000 / month$4000 / month

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