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Project estimation for potential clients always requires a great amount of time and resources. Read more Concise cost calculation and thorough project planning are the keys to trustworthy and long-term relationships with the customers.

Scope Creep

Spending more time on the project development than expected Read more previously is often a result of poor estimation on the initial stage or the absence of appropriate expertise.


Sourcing cooperative, technology proficient and loyal talents fast is often a challenge. Read more The process includes recruitment costs, adaptation/onboarding, professional training, and other admin expenses.

Business Scale

The more projects you launch, the larger team you need. Read more You must always keep your people involved and contributing in order not to lose company money and team dynamics. So quite a few well-paying and stable projects are essential for your company development. Once a large project has been started, scaling is inevitable and in the conditions of talent scarcity, building the appropriate team within tight timeframe often looks like mission impossible.

Profit Loss

Struggle with the tech part of the project leads to project deadline and budget overrun. Read more The existing clients start to question your expertise and the potential profits might be lost.


The majority of clients are interested in the integrated approach to their project development. Read more On the other hand, most agencies offer a certain domain of professional expertise like the design, marketing or strategic planning. As a matter of fact, dealing with complicated back-end coding tasks is challenging and resource consuming.

Let your clients enjoy outstanding results

Our company believes strongly in its mission, and by following it properly, we’ve released dozens of our own successful products. We’re a cost-effective outsourcing partner for businesses all over the world as well.Our expertise and accountability have been proven by high ratings on all platforms that cooperate with us.

Choose your format

Fixed price for simplicity

In the fixed pricing model, we usually work as your agency’s tech consultant, carry out estimation for small and middle-size projects and implement them at a fixed price. You can resell this service to your clients and get your margin.

Time and material for flexibility

This model is ideal for large scope projects requiring a number of iterations. We’ll plan cooperatively all the sprints, the backlog and build the appropriate team of talents. You can always add some improvement to your product or change it.

Dedicated team for growth

This model provides your project with a dedicated team led by the Project Manager. The team can be scaled up in case the project’s delivery date changes.

Project Staging

Introductory coffee

We know your business is unique, so why don’t we have a friendly get-to-know meeting to learn more about each other? We’ll tell you about our values and explore your expectations.

Next Stage

The trial project

We start small. We do a little project together to establish trust. We’ll introduce an effective communication pattern by assigning the responsible team members and set up our working environment to keep everyone updated.

Next Stage

Meeting your Account Manager

The Account Manager is your project’s adviser and coordinator who presents your company values and policies to our tech team. The Account Manager is NOT a Project Manager. He stays with you all the way through our strategic cooperation, facilitates your teams and projects and ensures timeliness, quality, and satisfaction.

Next Stage

Choosing the partnership format

Once we’ve completed the trial project and made sure you’re happy with our work, we move on to the discussion of the strategic partnership terms and conditions. The NDA is usually signed and you select the outsourcing model (time and material, fixed price, or a dedicated team).

Next Stage
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No recruitment fees

Cooperation with us saves up to 50-100% of your recruitment fees. Read more No more HR hassle like onboarding and adaptation, no probationary period pains. Just take it for granted - we manage your project's software engineers really well and they care. Trust us. We’ve been doing that for 10 years.

Full-stack team available

No worries about the lack of professional resources. Read more If all of a sudden you decide to scale up your team for higher effectiveness or change of project architecture, there'll always be a relevant talent at hand.

Fast project scoping

We estimate your project scope fast. Read more Your marketing department will deliver an accurate estimate to your end-clients and they'll feel the high standard of your agency’s service.

Cost-effective solutions

Cost-effectiveness is the essence of our company mission. No explanation needed. Check our mission statement here.

No scope screep

The overrun of the project timeframe and budget is the most common problem when cooperating with in-house developers or low-cost outsourcing companies. Read more The scenario is always typical - poor estimation leads to missed deadlines and client dissatisfaction.

Delivery date guarantee

The leading business analysts and software engineers work on your project considering all the hidden rocks of the development. Read more All things considered, your project will be delivered timely and happily.

Long-term relationship

We build your company tech department on our premises, facilitate it and extend if necessary. Read more Your dedicated team knows your values and deliver the results as if you’re working back-to-back in the same office.

A dedicated account manager

Apart from the tech team, your agency will receive a dedicated Account Manager, Read more responsible for efficient project estimation and high standard of communication. He gives number one priority to your projects and makes sure everyone is updated and happy.

Scale 10x faster and do what you love

Focus on your professional domain Read more like the advertising, design or marketing. Become the master of your craft and the technology part delegate to us.