Product Development

We create innovations and digitize your outstanding business ideas, empower your corporate growth
by the synergy of our technological and marketing expertise, remaining your partner
and managing your product at all stages of its lifecycle.

Innovations and Startup Development

Are you excited to setup your own technology startup, introduce a game-changing idea to the world or innovate a specific industry field? We are ready to join you and become your strategic technological partner. We have launched our own startups and organized all supporting processes such as client account management, marketing and brand promotion. We have cutting-edge expertise to share with you and ready to participate in the business analysis of your idea.

Agile methodologies and frameworks are perfect instruments for the consistent product launch and your business concept testing. They allow to start small, use your budget wisely and stay flexible at any stage of project development. Our wide stack of technologies and professional teams open a horizon of opportunities, ensuring cost-efficiency and up-to-dateness. Your ideas matter to us. Let us explore them and contribute to your ultimate sucсess!

Business Process Automation

We consult and digitize businesses in various domains including e-commerce, education, agriculture, marketing, media, entertainment and hi-tech. With our software solutions you achieve consistency, higher quality service, metrics transparency and operational efficiency.

Business processes related to project management, finance, reporting and analytics are great domains for automation and cost optimization. Our team knows how to ensure your profit growth, cost reduction and make your company thrive.

We are ready to learn more about your business challenges and provide your with an actionable roadmap for your continuous IT improvement.

Product Development Stages Overview

Discovery Phase

This stage is essential for the thorough planning of the future project concept,
its functional features, the relevant technology stack and timeframe.

Product Concept
We conduct profound business and marketing analysis of your idea, make
the initial technology resources estimate, process the main project requirements and select the appropriate technology to meet them. At this stage we come up with the approximate project timeframe. The product concept analysis is usually conducted within 1-3 weeks, it involves tight communication between our experts and a client.
The product concept stage price is $3K.

Product Development Roadmap
We prototype the future software architecture, describe tasks scope thoroughly and plan all the project stages and team commitment.
This stage is conducted within 2-5 weeks and costs $7K.

Next Stage

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

At this stage the first working prototype is created, ensuring the operation of the essential features in accordance with the product development roadmap. The MVP consists of the design and back-end development, QA and deployment.
Its cost ranges from $25K to $100K.

Next Stage

Further development and support

Based on the first project metrics, we discuss our next steps and build the team of tech talents for further project maintenance and development.

Next Stage

Pricing Models Comparison

The pricing model of your project depends on its complexity and scale. We offer two pricing models and they are Fixed Price and Time & Material.

Fixed Price
When adhering to the fixed price model, we create the detailed estimate of both MVP and your final product, sign a contract and start the software development process. As a matter of fact, the project scope does not change and the payment is due after all project stages have been completed.

Time and material
We recommend opting for the Time and Material model at a later stage of your project, after the MVP has been launched. We discuss a long-term task scope and engage professional teams. The payment is expected after each sprint and is formed on the basis of the development hours committed to the project. The tech tasks scope is defined before each sprint and can be flexibly changed if needed.

Time and Material Fixed Price
Hourly price $35/hour $50/hour
Fixed budget
Low risk
Quick start
Changes and flexibility
Dedicated PM
Fixed deadlines
Suitable for MVP
Suitable for large projects

Technology Stack Overview

We are the top 1% of the world’s WordPress developers and we know how to make the most of this technology. Our solutions often outperform the custom projects created from scratch and at the same time demonstrate great cost-efficiency.

We have hands-on experience in the full-cycle development of custom projects based on PHP and Node.js

For the front-end automation we use the most up-to-date technologies.