Custom Web and Mobile Development

Creating a web product that is both attractive and profitable is a fascinating adventure. At Softblues, we make it into a passion project, with all it entails. You come to us with an idea – we find out all the “how-tos” and wrap it into a marketable design. Creativity is a spark to follow. Accountability is what sustains it till the job gets done.


The Roadmap to Success

Limited resources don’t equal an inferior result. They simply call for the purposeful business approach, with every stop marked and measured. Whether we go the Agile, Scrum, or classic Waterfall route, the general guidelines don’t fail.

  • Market Station

    Market Station — offer meets the demand. Before coming up with anything, we need to know who’d be willing to pay for it and on what terms. State the end goal and you’ll seize the right opportunity in a sea of options.

  • Conference Room Chat

    Conference Room Chat, where we can already agree on the concrete timeline and actionable points. All requirements and optimal solutions taken into account.

  • Testing Lab

    Testing Lab — once the application is ready, the true craft reveals itself. Numerous tests and examinations are meant to prove the effectiveness of a strategy and draw attention to any possible imperfections. The quality check is what distinguishes a good product from the great one.

  • Lunch at Client's

    Lunch at Client’s — time to get another perspective and set the indisputable standards for the path ahead. Individual objectives are the driving force for innovation, and establishing common ground is the best code for cooperation.

  • Tech Engineers Takeover

    Tech Engineers Takeover — only then comes forward a development team. Given the full data, they start with building an application. They bring to life the functional features and shape a user experience to provide the wanted first impression.

  • Return to the Market

    Return to the Market but now with a value to offer. It’s one thing to create and another to launch. We support you all along the way to ensure that the software works stably and fulfills the target audience’s expectations.

Finally, last but not least, Maintenance Depot

Finally, last but not least, Maintenance Depot. The feedback allows for keeping in touch with the customers. The analytics reports give numbers to reflect on. Combine the two metrics — and you discover the hints to evolving the service.

It takes a dedicated team to raise a project

The multidimensional approach requires a set of different viewpoints and skills. That’s why
we praise each one of our experts, focused on what they know best:

  • strong TechLead to implement every technology we used and to help out with the initial expertise, team composition, and architecture;

  • savvy Project Manager/Business Analyst to meet the business needs and ensure the provision of quality service within the budget and deadlines;

  • aesthetically intelligent Backend Team to develop a convenient and in-demand product;

  • inventive Frontend Team to connect application visitors to the server in a user-friendly manner;

  • attentive QA to monitor if the product functions correctly and works exactly the way it's supposed to.

What Technology Is for What Destination Point?

Backend development

The microservices architecture and Node.js or Symfony frameworks — for Backend development.

Why? They are best for a quick start, reusage, scalable and efficient applications, and integration with third-party applications.

! Depending on project goals, we can also use Laravel or Python for bringing in additional features if needed.

Software Deployment

We are the adepts of Amazon Webservices for the software deployment and also have certified team members in-house.

Note: we are open to other cloud solutions such as Google Cloud or Microsoft Asure. We also practice DevOps to set up a custom server for your project.


PostgreSQL for complicated databases, or MySQL for simpler ones. MongoDB also helps out with some microservices.

Why? To implement the relational model in the most productive way, especially for mission-critical applications and services.

Frontend development

React.js and Vue.js framework for Frontend.

Why? It’s the fastest growing and reactive framework so far.

Mobile Applications

ReactNative for the mobile applications.

Why? All our ReactJS specialists work with ReactNative which means we don’t need another dedicated mobile team there.

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