Dedicated Teams

Developing a project takes a village. SoftBlues can help you find the right people who hold themselves accountable and adapt to the needs and requirements of clients. From the initial idea to its implementation, we accompany you at every step and bring in persistent, highly adaptable people to work on the task.


Progress Timeline

  • Set the Bar

    In the first and main interview with a client, they lay out all of their demands: what is needed, exact numbers, and what we have to work with in terms of time and budget. Other important figures discussed are the estimations of a positive outcome.

  • The Interview Threshold

    This is where the real selectiveness kicks in. Each interview is designed according to the specific request. Asking the right questions is half the answer – something that is true not only for those who are seeking a job.

  • Set the Wheels in Motion

    Onboarding is where an individual meets the team, no matter its size. Providing a balanced dose of encouragement, motivation, and freedom within fair boundaries is a recipe for prosperity.

  • Dive into the Pool of Candidates

    Next, we look through our curated database. If there’s no perfect match for the project, we cast the net wider and look for the exact things needed.

  • Connect the Sides

    Now that we’ve found the one, the client needs to say the final «yes» and ensure that every condition and claim is clear.

  • Nourish as It Goes

    Discussing all the cooperation details and policies is good. Nurturing along the way is best. Constantly and delicately tending to progress results in fruitful endings, which can lead to new business beginnings as well.

You Get the Perks

Get Ahead in the Recruitment Game

The hiring process is a challenge in itself, with so many resumes to scan and candidates to take a closer look at. We speed it up to save time for the development stage.

Filter by Quality, not Availability

A bigger pool means not only increased quantity but improved quality as well. You always choose from what you see. With us, that’s experienced pros, accustomed to working not just with technology but also the opportunity to solve a problem.

Free Up the Administrative Drawer

Developing a business means a lot of executive stuff, but you already know that, right? Some people enjoy this, while others would be happy to give it up. If you’re in the second group, we hear you. We can take on the operational burden, so you can focus on the creative part. 

Bring Your Work Ethics to the Table

A company, regardless of size, is more than just its product or workflow. It is also its ethics, culture, values. We recognize and respect this, which is why we function solely as mediators connecting the dots, leaving only the lightest of footprints.

Open Yourself to More Options

The talent pool is big when you know where to look – and we do. Making connections has enabled us to have a variety of competitors for every role. Geographical location plays its role here.

Choose Communication Style

No pressure from us, you can take the autonomous route, communicating directly and openly with the team. Alternatively, our PM can take on some of the responsibility and be a competent facilitator to deliver your message.

Save Money in the Bank

Remote working team means you pay only for their work. Renting an office? Nope, don’t need that. Providing tech equipment? Get someone who already knows his tools inside out. Extra bodies to make up for the tight schedule? Only if you want to – working from home is quite a productivity boost in itself.

Regular and Informal Gatherings

Feedback is important for everyone involved. Working together and meeting regularly, helps to forge an informal, collaborative atmosphere. Routine calls allow for the course to be adjusted if necessary, and we stress the importance of 2-way communication.

More than Technology. Culture at its Core

We have a strong culture of working with our core technologies. This enables us to pick out a team quickly, thanks to the orientation of the market, as well as providing the best approach to development. Our skilled technicians will help you with the expertise and select the right team for your project. If we do say so ourselves, we have the best team for working with such frameworks:

We are the top Ukrainian company as recommended by

Clutch has been acknowledged by Inc. Magazine and LinkedIn as a promising and rapidly growing startup. It means something special if your company is recognized by it – and we were. And you know what? Having Ukraine as a home base made it easier. Do you want to know why?
Well, it’s because …

  • Ukraine boasts one of the biggest pools of IT experts - 200 000+ in 2020. Good education and a love of inventing has turned it into the leading outsource market, which is not small even in terms of area. And the bigger the pool of competitors get, the greater the need to impress.

  • If that’s not impressive enough, let us remind you of some of the flourishing startups that have been created by Ukrainian developers. Grammarly, for example – you’ve probably heard of that one. MacPaw and PetCube also began here. Next on the list are Jooble and Readdle. Do we really need to continue?

  • Such a concentration of success has created a supportive environment in itself and has advanced professional growth. Numerous conferences and informal educational events that have been held here are convincing proof - as well as a sure path to innovative thinking;

  • Ukrainian professionals are pretty open to new approaches and technologies, they learn fast and find ways to squeeze the most out of an opportunity;

  • Ukrainian rates are lower. Compared to the Western market, the expense differences are striking.

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