Dynamic ReactJS Web Apps

We embrace the practical experience in dynamic web app development, exclusive expertise in ReactJS and the most popular solutions and libraries based on this technology.

Dynamic ReactJS Web Apps

Today, thanks to the most popular Javascript library ReactJS, it is possible to implement virtually any web dynamics or features for your users that were previously only available for native mobile apps or desktop software.

With RestAPI and GraphQL in particular, you can now easily combine any technology on the backend, depending on your business needs, and get a completely independent headless Frontend with ReactJS and libraries.

Possible Solutions

What can you design with ReactJS? This is only a small part of the whole range of tech solutions

  • An LMS platform or a dynamic education management system

    Active courses, personal user accounts, content marketing, eCommerce, ratings, forums, chats, and all other available tools for effective engagement of your students.

  • E-commerce platforms

    both for large and medium sized catalogs of products of various kinds: classic web stores, bookings, subscriptions, memberships, multi-vendors, multi-language, content marketing oriented and omnichannel. The range of solutions is basically unlimited.

  • Corporate and content platforms

    Dynamic websites with various fill-in forms, active calculators, data display, personal user accounts and maximum personalization, combining various platforms and data migration between channels and platforms.

  • Fintech projects

    Dynamic user accounts, balance management, fast info transfers between the platforms and high-speed data management. Full independence from the Backend technology or platform.

  • Medtech

    Transfer of user accounts, management of clinic patients’ personal data files, interface management by clinic admins and doctors.

  • Real estate

    Selection and formation of real estate objects, search, configuration, and user database management.

  • AgriTech

    Data management of land operations, quick generation of reports upon request, and information sharing between different platforms and users.

How We Can Cooperate to Create Dynamic React Web Apps

We embrace the practical experience in dynamic web app development, exclusive expertise in ReactJS and the most popular solutions and libraries based on this technology. Do you feel that your existing project lacks dynamics or speed and needs a new highly crafted Frontend? Or perhaps your website needs to be developed from ground zero? We have several options for you to choose from:

Full-cycle Development

If you are planning to create your business from scratch, automate or update your existing business and you feel it’s quite challenging to hire a skilled backend development team for that, we can help you out.

Being a successful market player for over 13 years, we have all the expertise to provide you with the development of dynamic web apps and online promotion. You not only get a top-notch development process, but also effective assistance in the promotion and marketing of your project if needed.

Frontend Development

If you already have a Backend platform with a flexible API created by your dev team, and you need to develop a dynamic Frontend, we can link up to your current team and design all the necessary interface elements. In this case, we perform a business analysis of your project and build a team of experts needed to ensure your project delivers its best.

Hiring a Remote Team or Expert

You already have a defined workflow process and project management, but you need additional remote developers to achieve some specific goals. We offer great outstaffing solutions for this purpose. We’ll help you to describe the scope of work, create job requirements and select experts to work on your project.

Approximate cost per hour depending on the tech level – $30-$45