Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Apps is a universal solution that can effectively operate on any device and enable websites to provide their users with maximum mobile and handy experience.

PWA Development

What is the future of web development, you may ask? The organic unification of web and mobile solutions, with no more need to develop two separate web and mobile platforms. The creation of a universal solution that is able to effectively operate on any device is slowly taking over the tech market and is expected to reach an influence of over 40% by 2020.

The future is here today – Progressive Web Applications are enabling websites to provide their users with maximum mobile and handy experience.

How Your Business Will Benefit from PWA

  • The highest level of mobile experience on a website
  • High rates and positions in search engines
  • Availability of a mobile app without the need to develop a separate app for different platforms – smart budgeting
  • App-like feel and increased capacities, including offline access, push notifications, camera access, adding to home screen
  • Significant reduction of app size compared to native app
  • Lightning fast introduction of any changes to the app
  • No need to undergo an approval process in the App Store or Google Play Market

PWA can become a full-time substitute for a native app if:

  • Your app isn’t promoted in the App Store or Play Market
  • Your app is not designed for additional sales inside the app stores
  • Your app does not require access to specific system functions of the device

Any business targeting an increase of its client base and an improvement of the usability of its platform can use PWA as an optimal alternative to the native app and get all the significant benefits of using it.

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They became even more successful with PWA

  • 87% increase of user time spent 20% increase in conversion rates 2X daily and monthly users 2X retention time

  • 31% increase in conversion rate 20% more page views per visit 3.8X faster average page load time 2X lower bounce rate

  • 80%+ increase in conversion rates 54x smaller size of the PWA than the Android app 180x smaller size of the PWA than the iOS app

Development Process and Costs

Based on identified iterations, our development has proven flexibility, allowing us to incorporate all the necessary technologies and tools, ensuring a top-notch performance of your project. We arrange all the processes in the Jira project management system, which allows you to access it at any time and at any stage of the project.

Discovery Phase
Discovery Phase
Development Phase
Development Phase
Deployment Phase
Deployment Phase
Support Phase
Support Phase
Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

We assess your existing project tech stack, its main requirements, and pick the optimal solutions and technologies for PWA development. At this stage, we also define the wireframes for the future project. As a result, you receive a detailed roadmap, wireframes, and an in-depth assessment of the project.

Team: PM, business analyst, UX designer, Frontend and Backend developers.
Timeframe: 1 month
Cost: $3,000