React Native Development

Have you heard of React Native? No? Scroll through your most-used apps, they definitely benefited from it.

Instagram, Walmart and Tesla are nodding in approval

But let us introduce you then to the promising (and delivering!) development technology. Like with many great things, time was needed to turn a fresh IT novelty into a chosen staple. And now there’s hardly a need to convince a knowledgeable web developer of its usefulness.

Let us make another guess. Sounds good but what can it do for me, popped into your mind right there, didn’t it? The short answer is: «a LOT and it depends on what you want».

Profitable Equivalent to the IKEA Piece

Well, a web product and a Swedish-born chair don’t have a lot in common, for sure. Except they do. At least a little. Both rely on the functional elements that fall into the place.

Each one into the particular place to make the whole thing work. That’s how React Native is used the best.
One ingredient at a time – and you’ll get the top-notch product, ready to serve. Here’s the menu to choose from:

Strategic consulting sessions

You’ve heard of React Native and want to know more? Learn if it would be of help for your specific business? Or do you already have an idea that needs to be materialized into concrete numbers and codes? Whether the request is more or less generic, we’re able to help with navigating the question it poses. Our tech experts know exactly how to come up with the optimal answer. Besides, with huge support from the React Native community, it becomes faster and more efficient.

Engaging web and mobile apps

The adjective chosen isn’t the for the sake of eloquence. The React Native base for an app comes with a package for a great user experience.
First, performance. With the own components like Image, View, and Text provided and code rendered to the native API, it outruns some competitors, Ionic to name one of them.
Second, user-friendliness, the first impression which is hard to rewrite. The modules’ associations to the native UI controllers make up for the one that doesn’t call for such correction. As well as creating unique and good-looking user interfaces using pre-built declarative components such as Picker, Button, Slider, Switch, etc.

Head-on Migration Done Right

Now that you’re having some data the tempting thoughts may arise: «Can I move an already functioning app to React Native?». Yes, you can, and what’s more important, it can be done carefully, with no damage left. As said earlier, the developers can use building blocks to construct what’s needed, add details and mix in with the native code for using the best of two programming worlds*. Or build upon the strong foundation to use the same app across several platforms.
*Uber Eats did it successfully with the Restaurants control panels.

Our pieces to the puzzle

By now you, probably, get the idea of how cool is the technology. The next unvoiced question to tackle
is why you should trust us with its implementation. So, here are our essentials to a viable outcome.

The expertise is non-negotiable, we stand by this postulate. Obviously, the
framework’s knowledge is the star here. We care about the input quality from our hires so that our professional growth offers land on fertile ground. This is true not only for the basic set of skills but for mastering the advanced nuances as well. They are the ones that make quite a difference.


All of the world’s knowledge makes no sense if there’s no one to communicate it properly.
As well as someone ready to listen. But fill in these two missing points — and
there’s a dialogue to strike a happy balance. Direct and deliberate communication is what
starts a business plan off. And what drives it to the winning finishing line.

However, no tool is great for every design. At least, not as it is, fresh out of the box. It needs
to be examined and fitted into the bigger picture. Not everything needs to be applied and
there’s more than one way to do it. All of these tactical decisions depend on the target
audience and niche which play by the own rules. Our teams consider them and create
a product that relates to the users and brings profits to the owner.


Rigidity brings stagnation. No boundaries lead to overflow. We opt for flexibility within the
definitive constraints. The intentional planning, with milestones to check off and timeframes
to keep the rhythm, gives freedom to adapt to the changes and challenges encountered
along the way. In the end, it’s all about doing what’s best for the project. Most of it is planned
for and some brilliant ideas come unexpectedly. Their orderly execution makes them a reality.

Our React Native cases

Learn about the value we bring to businesses

  • FieldBI

    An innovation platform for agro company management

    • managing land registry
    • obtaining geo-data on land
    • tracking soil fertility
    • analyzing crops using images captured by drone
    • managing personnel
    • distribution and task performance
    See full case study
  • AutoBI

    Effective fleet management requires a solid new-age business intelligence platform. AutoBI is exactly that. No more hassle with spare parts and equipment management, uncontrollable traffic routes, expired insurance, and motoring fines. Instead, your company can save costs just by tracking, measuring, and taking timely actions.

    • effective fleet management
    • spare part and unit accounting
    • monitoring of fines
    • insurance policies
    • automated reports in real-time mode
    • telematics
    See full case study
  • AgroTOP

    AgroTOP is a smart SaaS platform for the advanced registry, visualization and management of land that is used by a number
    of agricultural businesses all over Ukraine. The platform provides GIS analytics, integrations with national open data
    services, and all necessary tools for managing legal and bookkeeping aspects of the AgTechcompany

    • managing land registry
    • obtaining geo-data on land
    • tracking soil fertility
    • analyzing crops using images captured by drone shooting
    • managing personnel
    • distribution and task performance
    See full case study
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