ReactJS Development

We probably, don’t have to tell you what React is at its core.

Instead, we can say of our 10+ years of experience with this framework. Time turned it into our tried and true frontend technology. Practice polished our skills in applying it. Web and Mobile Application, Headless eCommerce Development, and other eBusiness integrations — been there, done that, ready to repeat.

Just to recap…

one of the most common JavaScript front-end frameworks, used by quite a range of industry leaders, from Netflix and WhatsApp to
New York Times and Khan Academy. Developed and supported by Facebook Inc.

You would benefit from employing
ReactJS development if you…

  • Don’t want to get strangled with the complicated syntax

  • Are a fan of the «Learn Once, Write Anywhere» rule for the sake of versatility

  • Need to change the data regularly while maintaining a smooth workflow

  • Value flexibility, responsiveness, and a lightness of the data volume

  • Appreciate regular updates and fixes from developers all over the world

You will benefit from employing
SoftBlues for it if you need…

SoftBlues can boast of internationally certified ReactJS Teams, but does it mean anything without the proven record of success?

We’ve demonstrated the actual work done in the Automotive, Agriculture, Education, and eCommerce industries and proudly won National Grant for innovation.

Hundreds of custom projects later, here is our offer distilled to its essence:

Spotlight on ReactJS

When we state our core expertise in that realm, we mean it. The years-long experience of working with it is one facet, but it’s definitely not the only one. Knowing that where the focus goes energy flows, we developed a whole system to ensure its synchronous evolvement with the market. Our specialists are trained specifically for this framework, from methodical guidance to the educational talks and regular improvement matrixes. We invest time, efforts, and money in what pays off greatly, both for the company and its customers; deepening the ReactJS knowledge does the work in our case.

ReactJS Expertise

Our professionals are dedicated to making ReactJS work for particular needs. Knowing «what», they figure out the most optimal «how» and present an elegant solution to a defined problem. Whether it’s choosing NetlifyCMS for a minimalistic back-end of the website or splitting the code base into small parts by putting blade components in separate files, they come up with the specific answers. The meticulous plan makes it simple then to follow through on execution.

Honest Accountability

Clear and reasoned business communication is an antidote to misunderstandings, and accuracy both in words and actions lies at the heart of our mission. Without it, no elaborate technologies would live up to their potential.

Scaling Power

Any size project starts from scratch and goes through an extensive cycle. Making sure that we’re on the same page in terms of assigned tasks, time and money budgets available, and success criteria comes first. Scaling from that foundation to a large enterprise resolution is a challenge we don’t take lightly. That’s what gets us trust from partners.

Security Guarantees

All the data discussed stays with the project team only. To ensure product security, we turn to the most reputable resources like Amazon Web Services, one of the world’s most common cloud platforms with data centers across the planet, Content Delivery Network, or reliable HTTP security protocols. You don’t want to lose the work put in, we totally share the feeling.

You would benefit from our ReactJS
development expertise when creating a…

Safe and sound migration

Going from one system to another is no joke. It requires a full-focus mode and complete awareness of how to fit different elements into a bigger ReactJS picture. Our dedicated developers harnessed the skills through hours of teamwork, working with several projects on the single code base and back-and-forth changes. The end result is always clean and ready-to-launch.

Appealing and straightforward Single Page Application

A one-page app can be just as helpful and presentable as its standard multipage alternative. No contact to the server required means no annoying constant reloading. However, we can help you improve an already existing site to add interactivity since a React code can coexist peacefully with any other frontend libraries.

Thriving e-commerce

Our online shops are competently structured, advanced with the reusable React components and functional code broken into small chunks to make it immutable and avoid the complexity of managing the site. 5000+ e-stores are already gaining profits.

Custom developments

Every now and then, demand for an out-of-the-box fix appears. We welcome it with enthusiasm. Comprehensive research and approaching technology as the means, not a strategy, allows for a tailor-made business solution for your unique request. We help with standing out while fitting into the niche puzzle.

Efficient web application

We know how to build and maintain a dynamic web application for your business that marries impressive functionality, user-friendly experience, and stable performance. Rendering React on the server is one way we achieve it, but there are many more techniques under our belt to benefit from.

Our ReactJS cases

Learn about the value we bring to businesses

  • FieldBI

    An innovation platform for agro company management

    • managing land registry
    • obtaining geo-data on land
    • tracking soil fertility
    • analyzing crops using images captured by drone
    • managing personnel
    • distribution and task performance
    See full case study
  • AgroB2B Marketplace

    The Ukrainian leading agriculture distributing company is developing a B2B marketplace aiming at increasing its market share and developing the agriculture suppliers’ business community.

    • Satellite field monitoring
    • list of cultivated fields
    • powerful analytics unit
    • visualize all actual indicators
    • technological maps
    • rotation of crops for certain periods
    See full case study
  • AutoBI

    Effective fleet management requires a solid new-age business intelligence platform. AutoBI is exactly that. No more hassle with spare parts and equipment management, uncontrollable traffic routes, expired insurance, and motoring fines. Instead, your company can save costs just by tracking, measuring, and taking timely actions.

    • effective fleet management
    • spare part and unit accounting
    • monitoring of fines
    • insurance policies
    • automated reports in real-time mode
    • telematics
    See full case study
  • AgroTOP

    AgroTOP is a smart SaaS platform for the advanced registry, visualization and management of land that is used by a number
    of agricultural businesses all over Ukraine. The platform provides GIS analytics, integrations with national open data
    services, and all necessary tools for managing legal and bookkeeping aspects of the AgTechcompany

    • managing land registry
    • obtaining geo-data on land
    • tracking soil fertility
    • analyzing crops using images captured by drone shooting
    • managing personnel
    • distribution and task performance
    See full case study
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