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We could tell you a lot about our successes in WP development for web solutions, e-commerce, LMS (Learning Management Systems), and GatsbyJS Integrations. It’s only to be expected since WordPress remains a most common go-to CMS that works for the standard cases, MVPs, and start-ups. Knowing how to work with it is a market requirement that we stick to. Here are the stats:

  • 10+ years of gaining the competence
  • over 5000 online stores served
  • 400+ successful custom projects finished
  • 5/5 overall rating on premium WP platform called Codeable.io
  • 2x-5x economy of time and money compared to the alternative costs
  • 70K active users of our own Premmerce plugins for WordPress
  • 2 years of flourishing collaboration with Automattic and Pinterest on the Pinterest for WooCommerce Plugin to turn inspiring Pins into profitable Leads

Having experienced WordPress inside out, our developers implement a solution, however complex, and spend exactly the amount of time and money necessary to hit the defined goal. Service upgrade: they reveal when it wouldn’t work and propose a better fit for your special custom solution.

Are WordPress and WooCommerce Still Relevant?

You’ve, probably, had this question on the backburner of your mind, consciously or not. And the answer would be: yes, they still work for the modern business.

Moreover, these frameworks secured their positions as one of the most popular choices. The explanation is as simple as it can be: mostly free and easy to use. Like your regular text editor, only upgraded to a website at the output level. Maybe that’s why White House and The New Yorker trusted the proven CMS to save their time on other pursuits.

Another fact: 39% of the e-stores are based on WooCommerce, which is a significant numerical advantage over Shopify (9%), Lexity (6%), and other alternatives. That is telling, right?

What Can We Do with It?

There are a lot of ways to bring value to the business. We are always confident in what we know and have mastered over the years but never too
self-righteous to check if there’s a new advancement out there. That’s the only tactic for staying on top of the long-term game. Here’s how we do this:

  • sufficient support all along the way, with thought-through web development. From the idea birth and to the useful MVP, we’re communicating on every step to make sure we follow along with the fundamentals. This applies to the wide range of solutions and themes for WordPress.

  • as soon as you want another service to be integrated into the website, the mysterious abbreviation appears: API. Third-party API, to be more precise. This simply means that you need to set up a certain mechanism of addressing the server directly. The usage spectrum is broad, from the payment and SMS gateways to the numerous Google utilities. The principle is the same: make it more accessible for your site visitors to make a decision of any kind.

  • and of course, we can’t leave out the already living businesses. Whether it’s a specific issue you aspire to deal with like SEO and analytics implementation or a general revamp in terms of marketing or design, we’ll consult and advise a few options that make sense and fit the bill.

  • plugins! The building blocks of a website, when done right. The central ones, they breathe functionality and usability into the code skeleton. Creating them from scratch is a challenge because it’s all about the balance between performance and harmony. Meaning the plugin adds to the user experience, not scares off by slowness and annoying system bugs. Over 15 favored plugins under our belt gave us a lot of room to practice and improve constantly.

  • remember, we talked about keeping up with the programming advances? Gutenberg blocks are just like that and we know what to do to squeeze the most out of them. They come with WordPress 5.0+ and represent the adjustable blocks, rich in media display and styling possibilities. Sustaining or changing the content down the road will be a matter of few minutes, with no technical knowledge required.

  • *also managing projects on WooCommerce Bookings, Woocommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Memberships, Gravity Forms, ACF, LearnDash, WooCommerce Product Vendors, Dokan, Contact Form 7, Easy Digital Downloads, WP Rocket, Wp All Import, WP Job Manager, AffiliateWP, WooCommerce, or YITH Points & Reward, Points & Reward Plugin, BuddyPress.

Is SoftBlues Still Relevant Then?

Ok, the technologies are valid for sure, but what can be said about the ones who capitalize on them? I mean,
our one and only SoftBlues. To cut down on bragging, we’ll leave the data here. Come to your own conclusion and message us when you’re done:)

  • We’re a Top 50 Ukrainian company according to the Clutch annual rating of 2020. That’s the real stuff for the IT industry, since the premium platform, mentioned in Forbes and Business Insider, is famous for its scrupulous evaluation process.
  • And they’re not the only ones to acknowledge our expertise. The global social network such asPinterest was inspired to collaborate on our e-commerce plugin.  followed its footsteps.
  • Here are over 15 of our official WordPress plugins. Overall of 55K active users and 5star average review rates come as a package.
  • Our SaleZone theme is successfully used by more than a thousand owners.
  • More than a thousand other entrepreneurs felt satisfied with our custom solutions which results in a 5/5 rating on Clutch. That cool agency, from the first point made.

Our WordPress WooCommerce cases

  • Jaffle – Advanced E-commerce Constructor

    Uniting logistics and marketing doesn’t seem like an obvious move. Jaffle solves that dilemma. The platform combines the main tools required for a swift business launch, allowing its owners to make the most of store locations, customers and supplier management, as well as promotion instruments. Thanks to the block layout, it is highly customizable, which provides a unique and extremely user-friendly design for each new business. To sum up, Jaffle is right up your alley if you are looking for a fast and effective start in the restaurant or e-commerce domain.

    • Auto deploy and auto-update systems
    • Flexible and scalable structure
    • MVC-like architecture
    • Deep security configuration
    See full case study
  • Pinterest for WooCommerce

    Pinterest for WooCommerce is a plugin is designed to bring the e-shop to one of the world’s largest social networks. Showcasing the goods to the world of shared ideas and inspiration attracts traffic while the numerous customization and automatization features save precious time.

    • scheduled Pinning;
    • Pinterest Tag for the conversion tracking
    • automated transfer of the products-related details;
    • Pinterest catalog for advertising;
    See full case study
  • Skim

    The thought-out system for the truck availability management with:

    • real-time mode operations;
    • efficient newsletter management;
    • user-friendly customer management
    See full case study
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