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Why did we become WordPress experts? WordPress is very flexible when applied professionally and can serve as a perfect base for a  number of project types. Thus, it very often outperforms custom software development from scratch.

What makes us different

During a decade our team carried out thorough research of WordPress, its subtle aspects, best use cases, and major bottlenecks. Rest assured, all the consulting we do at the negotiation stage is expert and honest.Unlike most WordPress agencies,  the SoftBlues team don’t focus on solving typical tasks like creating landing pages by using popular themes via the Page Builder. On the contrary, we accept challenges that only 1% of WordPress developers can handle.After your project introduction, we can definitely tell you if WordPress is the right technology and outline the best roadmap for its development. Scope creep, leading to cost overrun, strongly contradicts our mission. And yes, we ARE consistent.

Custom development of themes and plugins

Our designers and developers can build themes from scratch according to your goals and business requirements and this is one of our core offerings. Our expertise has been proven by www.wordpress.org and we sell our e-commerce themes on the official WordPress marketplace.Here is the full list of currently approved plugins: https://profiles.wordpress.org/premmerce#content-plugins  and we are proud of the high review rates given by our users. Check them all out!We’ve developed a variety of custom plugins for our clients, by integrating Application Programming Interfaces, external services, or creating add-ons to the existing plugins, etc. Plus, we create bespoke WordPress plugins to be used on your clients’ sites or to be sold to clients’ customers, with further support and maintenance options in place.

Customization services and third-party integration

Our team is keen on customizing various themes and plugins to your current website and business needs.We have hands-on experience in adding payment gateways or integrating  APIs from external services. Our WordPress developers are pros at incorporating such services as add-ons.

Web application development with WordPress

The synergy of WordPress back-end and some advanced front-end technologies empowers a variety of elegant and often extraordinary solutions. For example, we can enable a sophisticated dynamic interface with extensive user interaction capabilities by using such modern front-end frameworks as ReactJS or VueJS as well as create complicated React SPA applications using WordPress as a back-end, and WordPress REST API to communicate with SPA.

Project Staging

Definition and Scoping

We start by discovering the essence of your business idea, aims, and expectations. We create your project scope, determining the potential areas uncovered or unconsidered. We ask questions to ensure smooth performance and crystal clear understanding in the future. The more questions we ask in the beginning, the better result we get in the end. So get ready!

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Estimation and Planning

At this stage, we break the project scope down to the milestones and estimate the timeframe needed for their delivery.  However, as a matter of fact,  the software development process is hard to predetermine 100% and sometimes it might be extended due to some new features or design сhanges. The development hours beyond the preliminary estimate are added to the final project cost.Every client has his project’s deadline and this means a lot to us. Depending on the project’s scale and the timeframe, we dedicate the team of developers to the project and its size might vary.

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We set up the dev environment on our servers, where all the development tasks will be performed. As a matter of fact, we sign a DNA in case our team access the client’s databases. No worries about data security, we ensure it as well.Each project is coordinated by the Project Manager who is available on any messenger you prefer like Slack, FB Messenger, Whatapp, Telegram, etc.We tend to use agile frameworks for the projects with sophisticated architecture, which contributes to a more flexible process of development and communication. No worries about transparency – all stakeholders will access the dashboard for tasks status check. The software is updated with each task completed and the clients follow our pacing and progress in real time.

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Once we’ve accomplished all tasks, we do the backlog review and make sure everything is performed appropriately. We assist in launching the project on your server or you receive it in a preferred format, like a plugin or a theme that can be easily installed by your website admin. Plus, the technology guide is prepared and it serves as a valuable tool for your product/ project management.We enjoy hearing back from our clients and ready to give them a hand whenever needed. Long-term partnership is our priority.

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