About Us

Softblues Solutions LTD is a UK based company, with representative offices in Germany, Nordhalben and Canada, Toronto.
The R&D center is located in Ukraine.
Softblues operates globally. Our teams are based in Germany, Poland, Israel, UK and Ukraine.


Our mission is to deliver success to our clients, team members, and partners.


In providing scalable tech solutions for businesses, we always go the extra mile. Before starting a collaboration, we first learn what success is for our clients. We take a proactive position when creating products and services by providing both
business-oriented and technological


People are our greatest asset. We believe in every team member and recognize the uniqueness of every individual. We ensure a reliable win-win collaboration based on trust and respect.


We share and care, ensuring seamless and comfortable cooperation with our partners in all aspects of our collaboration.

The world

We are thoughtful of our country and the world around us and contribute to global sustainable development by promoting the ideas of equality and respect, perfect business ethics, and

Softblues in numbers

  • 80 dedicated talents

    Our team comprises 80 dedicated specialists, with senior engineers in technologies like React.js, React Native, Vue.js, Laravel, and Symphony. 75% of our employees are software engineers.

  • 100k + downloads

    Our proprietary ImageCMS system allowed the Premmerce brand to release six templates and over 15 popular plugins for WooCommerce and BigCommerce platforms, resulting in 100k+ downloads and product users.

  • 700+ successful projects

    We developed 700+ projects for clients from eCommerce, Education, AgriTech, and Automotive domains. Most of them have become our regular customers.

Our clients’ achievements

  • FieldBi is a leader in the land management market that was acknowledged as one of the TOP-20 startups in 2020, received a presidential grant from among 1,000 applicants, and a development grant from the Ukrainian Startup Fund. Today, FieldBi helps hundreds of clients effectively manage millions of hectares of agricultural land.

  • AutoBi won the startup competition among 300 applicants and received funding from Startup Day by USF. Thanks to modern technical solutions in the automotive field, dozens of logistics companies can effectively monitor, analyze and optimize the operations of their fleets for thousands of vehicles.

  • Jaffle is a modern marketplace that covers various needs of different businesses — restaurants, clinics, flower deliveries, grocery and clothing stores, and others. During the pandemic and banned offline service, our developments have saved jobs for the SOHO and SMB businesses segment and enabled the growth of new projects.

Company history

2006 – company foundation
The young team of IT professionals set up a web design agency called Siteimage. It soon became a local market leader, rated as a top company in the national IT industry list.
2009 – the launch of ImageCMS, the e-commerce platform
ImageCMS entered the top 10 ratings of the national and CIS content management systems.
2013 – the start of the progressive in-house marketing department
Excellent sales and marketing results of the ImageCMS-based stores inspired the company to start an innovative SEO and marketing department.
2014 – the Premmerce SaaS platform launch
Cloud software for the fast launch of online stores, with ready-to-use design and customer support, was introduced to the market and grew its user base.
2016 – entering the global WordPress/WooCommerce community
The team released a dozen advanced plugins and themes that reached 78K+ downloads within a year.
2018 – Premmerce joined Codeable
Premmerce became a part of the premium outsourcing platform, and started to deliver first-class software development services worldwide.
2019 – the foundation of Softblues holding
All company products and service departments were united to ensure world-class software development and global scale-up of its solutions.
2020 – successful launch of the FieldBI agro project
First public release, win of a national grant, and paying off the costs by the end of the year. Launching an automotive project for fleet management systems, forming task-specific Symfony, Laravel, and React teams, and acquiring niche expertise. The company showed a 100% increase in team volume and profit compared to last year.
2021 – public release of a nationally awarded automotive project
Launching the new AgroB2B project for automating the agri-operations and the revolutionary marketplace Jaffle, aimed at an Australian audience. Leveraging the former experience to build on our knowledge of Laravel, Vue.js, React.js, and WooCommerce technologies and strengthen Symfony, WordPress, React.js, and React Native competencies. Consulting and setting up top-level teams while maintaining growth rates of more than 100% for the team and profits.
2022 – expanding the company’s scope
Our extensive industry experience and numerous international connections allowed to scale the company business activity worldwide, resulting in establishing Softblues headquarters in the UK and opening representative offices in Germany and Canada.

Our team

Softblues unites 80+ tech talents specializing in software engineering, UI/UX design, quality assurance, business analysis, and project management.
Talk to our leadership team to discover how Softblues can contribute to your business.
  • Ivan Pylypchuk

    Ivan Pylypchuk

    Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Ukraine

  • Vitalii Nuzhnyi

    Vitalii Nuzhnyi

    Co-founder, Managing Partner, UK

  • Shaunvir Sidhu

    Shaunvir Sidhu

    Lead USA and Canada Consultant

  • Halgard Stolte

    Halgard Stolte

    Lead Germany Representative

  • Olga Pylypchuk

    Olga Pylypchuk

    Head of Human Capital

  • Maria Dremova

    Maria Dremova

    Chief of Delivery

  • Ostap Vasyuta

    Ostap Vasyuta

    Head of Recruitment

  • Tetiana Melnyk

    Tetiana Melnyk

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Vas Zelinskiy

    Vas Zelinskiy

    Lead Engagement Manager