About Us

Our company mission is to unite ideas of dreamers and doers alike as we strive to transform industries
by creating scalable and meaningful software products.

Our Mission and Vision

We believe in non-stop improvement leading to revolutionary change. Our company mission is to unite ideas of dreamers
and doers alike as we strive to transform industries by creating scalable and meaningful software products.

Since 2006 we’ve been embracing the digital change. We’ve created some awesome products across several industries,
developed brands and built true connections between technology and clients. We’re strategic and highly adaptable.

E-commerce solutions for SMB

We create game-changing, accessible products that boost small and medium-size businesses. We supported our own platform ImageCMS for a decade and served over 5K online stores. In 2018 we refactored our product by applying WordPress and WooCommerce, the technology that is used by 50% of global businesses.We’ve never aimed to be integrators, we are innovators by nature. Therefore,  straight after entering the WordPress community, we created 15 products and started our cooperation with Automattic to amplify their impact on the world technology trends.

Learning Management for Training and Online Course Companies

Programs for online teaching and a variety of courses are attracting more and more people who value lifelong learning, self-education and personal development. Actually, the e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025 according to Forbes. We digitize studying processes and enabled all teacher-student interactions to be carried out online. We make the most of LearDash and Laravel thus contributing to flexibility and cost-efficiency of both educators and students.

Business Automation for Agriculture

At the moment the agriculture industry is considered to be the least digitized in the world, at the same time undoubtedly remaining the most vital for humanity in general. We participate in agriculture startups and create products to make a difference in the everyday life of agriculture companies. We believe in the green, healthy and hunger-free world and we do our best to make our dream real.

What we do

Softblues is all about rhythm. We set the dynamic pace in different domains by starting with little stepsand heading for the great software solutions.

  • We are your business growth hackers.
  • We incept ideas and make them brands.
  • We partner with industry experts and create projects withtrue value to businesses and individuals alike
  • We maximize technology by focusing on marketing and sales.
  • Competency and transparency are our core values.
SoftBlues unites the drive of a startup and the expertise of a digital agency. We unlock the power of analytics, problem solving and strategy.And we do it the way you like — by building a legendary partnership or by providing A1 technology services.

Company History

2006 — Company foundation
The young team of IT professionals set up a web design agency called Siteimage and soon became a local market leader, rated as a top company in the national IT industry list.

2009 — The launch of ImageCMS, the e-commerce platform
ImageCMS entered the top 10 rating of the national and CIS content management systems.

2013 — The start of innovative in-house marketing department
Great sales and marketing results of the ImageCMS based stores inspired the company to start its own SEO and marketing department thus ensuring its clients growth by delivering outstanding services.

2014 — The launch of Premmerce SaaS platform
Cloud software for the fast launch of online stores, with ready-to-use design and customer support was introduced to the market and grew its user base.

2016 — We entered global WordPress/WooCommerce community
The team released a dozen of innovative plugins and themes that reached 78K downloads within 1 year.

2018 — Premmerce joint Codeable
Premmerce became a part of the premium outsourcing platform and started to deliver first-class software development services worldwide.

2019 — SoftBlues holding foundation
All company products and service departments united to ensure world-class software development and global scale up of its solutions.

Our Team

SoftBlues unites 50+ tech talents specializing in UI/UX design, software engineering, quality assurance, business analysis, and project management. We cultivate learning, passion, and respect. Talk to these people to discover how SoftBlues can contribute to your business.