About Us

Our company mission is to unite ideas of dreamers and doers alike as we strive to transform industries by creating scalable and meaningful software products.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to deliver success to our clients, team members, and partners


In providing scalable tech solutions for businesses, we always go the extra mile. Before starting a collaboration, we first learn what success is for our clients. We take a proactive position when creating products and services by providing both business-oriented and technological expertise


People are our greatest asset. We believe in every team member and recognize every individual is unique. We ensure a perfect win-win collaboration based on trust and respect


We share and care, ensuring seamless and comfortable cooperation with our partners in all aspects of our collaboration

The world

We care about our country and the world around us and contribute to global sustainable development by promoting the ideas of equality and respect, perfect business ethics, and eco-awareness

SoftBlues Values

  • Trust

    We are open with our colleagues, partners and clients. Trust means
    the world for us, and we truly believe that it is one of the essentials
    for personal and business relationships.

  • Transparency

    We always speak our mind in a clear and friendly way. We believe that smart critique and discussion together ensure perfection. We appreciate sharing ideas and being honest. So our partners and clients are always safe and well-informed.

  • Responsibility

    We are totally accountable for our corporate decisions, promises and actions,
    both successful and not. Any occurring failures or successes undergo thorough analysis for us to take a further action. We always seek the ways to improve and get a fair feedback.

  • Excellent Planning

    Every project begins with a comprehensive plan, defined timeframe and
    a deadline for every milestone. Failure to plan is a plan to fail.
    Everyday working tasks are no exception.

  • Сontinuous Improvement

    Every project begins with a comprehensive plan, defined timeframe and a deadline for every milestone. Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Everyday working tasks are no exception.

Company History

2006 — Company foundation
The young team of IT professionals set up a web design agency called Siteimage and soon became a local market leader, rated as a top company in the national IT industry list.

2009 — The launch of ImageCMS, the e-commerce platform
ImageCMS entered the top 10 rating of the national and CIS content management systems.

2013 — The start of innovative in-house marketing department
Great sales and marketing results of the ImageCMS based stores inspired the company to start its own SEO and marketing department thus ensuring its clients growth by delivering outstanding services.

2014 — The launch of Premmerce SaaS platform
Cloud software for the fast launch of online stores, with ready-to-use design and customer support was introduced to the market and grew its user base.

2016 — We entered global WordPress/WooCommerce community
The team released a dozen of innovative plugins and themes that reached 78K downloads within 1 year.

2018 — Premmerce joint Codeable
Premmerce became a part of the premium outsourcing platform and started to deliver first-class software development services worldwide.

2019 — SoftBlues holding foundation
All company products and service departments united to ensure world-class software development and global scale up of its solutions.

Our Team

SoftBlues unites 50+ tech talents specializing in UI/UX design, software engineering, quality assurance, business analysis, and project management. We cultivate learning, passion, and respect. Talk to these people to discover how SoftBlues can contribute to your business.

  • Ivan Pylypchuk

    Ivan Pylypchuk

    Co-Founder, Chief Executive and Marketing Officer

  • Andriy Shabat

    Andriy Shabat

    Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer

  • Andriy Kruk

    Andriy Kruk

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Andriy Martynyuk

    Andriy Martynyuk

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Olga Pylypchuk

    Olga Pylypchuk

    Chief Business Development Officer

  • Mariya Dremova

    Mariya Dremova

    Customer Success Manager

  • Yaroslav Tsurkan

    Yaroslav Tsurkan

    Technical Sales Representative

  • Vitaliy Chelovenko

    Vitaliy Chelovenko

    Technical Sales Representative