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  • FieldBI

    An innovation platform for agro company management

    • managing land registry
    • obtaining geo-data on land
    • tracking soil fertility
    • analyzing crops using images captured by drone
    • managing personnel
    • distribution and task performance
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  • AutoBI – How we Helped a Fleet Management Startup Reduce Costs by 3 Times and Attract New Investments

    AutoBI is one of the most powerful fleet management platforms in Eastern Europe, including all the tools needed for fleet accounting and data analysis.

    • Won two grants and attracted necessary investments
    • The first version of the product finished in 6 months
    • Increased the number of vehicles and total income
    • Reduced development costs by three times
    • The product reached the payback of the development team in 18 months
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  • Virtusize – How we helped a fashion tech company to set up a new frontend team in 3 weeks and get a new product on the market 2x faster

    Virtusize is a fashion tech company focused on taking the guesswork out of e-commerce.

    • The client has finished the project 2x faster
    • The client has got the full team on board in three weeks
    • The client has got the architecture solution that enables to reuse most of the components
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  • Premmerce – How do we create a marketplace of plugins that become one of the most famous companies

    Premmerce is a WooCommerce plugins marketplace with 21 unique plugins and more than 100 000 happy customers worldwide. The main idea of the startup was to add the essential functionality to the world-famous e-commerce platform using our own experience of more than ten years of custom e-commerce solutions development.

    • More than 21 plugins developed
    • Profitable business from the fourth month
    • Notable partnerships with Pinterest and Automattic
    • More than 100,000 active users with an average 4,8/5 rating
    • Successful exit after three years of product development and support
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  • Jaffle – Advanced E-commerce Constructor

    Uniting logistics and marketing doesn’t seem like an obvious move. Jaffle solves that dilemma. The platform combines the main tools required for a swift business launch, allowing its owners to make the most of store locations, customers and supplier management, as well as promotion instruments. Thanks to the block layout, it is highly customizable, which provides a unique and extremely user-friendly design for each new business. To sum up, Jaffle is right up your alley if you are looking for a fast and effective start in the restaurant or e-commerce domain.

    • Auto deploy and auto-update systems
    • Flexible and scalable structure
    • MVC-like architecture
    • Deep security configuration
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  • AgroTOP

    AgroTOP is a smart SaaS platform for the advanced registry, visualization and management of land that is used by a number
    of agricultural businesses all over Ukraine. The platform provides GIS analytics, integrations with national open data
    services, and all necessary tools for managing legal and bookkeeping aspects of the AgTechcompany

    • managing land registry
    • obtaining geo-data on land
    • tracking soil fertility
    • analyzing crops using images captured by drone shooting
    • managing personnel
    • distribution and task performance
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  • AgroB2B Marketplace

    The Ukrainian leading agriculture distributing company is developing a B2B marketplace aiming at increasing its market share and developing the agriculture suppliers’ business community.

    • Satellite field monitoring
    • list of cultivated fields
    • powerful analytics unit
    • visualize all actual indicators
    • technological maps
    • rotation of crops for certain periods
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  • Pinterest for WooCommerce

    Pinterest for WooCommerce is a plugin is designed to bring the e-shop to one of the world’s largest social networks. Showcasing the goods to the world of shared ideas and inspiration attracts traffic while the numerous customization and automatization features save precious time.

    • scheduled Pinning;
    • Pinterest Tag for the conversion tracking
    • automated transfer of the products-related details;
    • Pinterest catalog for advertising;
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  • Hackolade

    Hackolade’s website represents a revolutionary software tool built to perform visual data modeling. What started with a simple documenting of the NoSQL databases, became extended to cover numerous other technologies for data-at-rest and data-in-motion.

    • data storage and data exchanges
    • data modeling
    • big data analytics
    • reverse- and forward-engineering of data models
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  • ImageCMS Cloud

    The multifaceted platform allows thousands of businesses, small and big ones:

    • to create an online store quickly;
    • to have separate access to files and extended billing options;
    • to use the advanced marketing and audience engagement tools
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  • Sinnapse 2

    Development of quality software for application processing optimization for Great Place to Work® Institute. The regional businesses on this platform can:

    • present their company services;
    • manage their affiliates profile to the full extent;
    • get in touch with their leads
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  • WordPress based integration with Cision Communications Cloud

    The main goal was to ensure the effective multichannel connection with Ranplan (UK-based wireless technology company) stockholders. Now they can:

    • share their opinions on the ongoing events;
    • get hold of Nasdaq stock pricing schedule;
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  • Skim

    The thought-out system for the truck availability management with:

    • real-time mode operations;
    • efficient newsletter management;
    • user-friendly customer management
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  • Sinnapse

    Development of a WooCommerce-based plugin for the Brazilian food delivery service with a focus on healthy eating. The plugin enables:

    • customization of the menu, price and calorie calculation option together with weight tracking;
    • payment gateway integration with ERP;
    • organized food delivery scheduling
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