The main idea of this project was to create a tailor-made environment based on WooCommerce and WordPress. To achieve this, we needed to generate a set of plugins and a parent theme that would enable an exceptional user experience in terms of speed and marketing features, operating large databases, and running high-level integrations.


As a result, Jaffle has become a growth instrument for many established businesses in Australia that needed to extend and amplify their online presence. Performing on a bigger scale didn’t become a notable problem. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jaffle platform contributed to the stability and profitability of Diaco’s Garden Nursery, a leading Australian network of local garden nurseries.


«An exceptional team, motivated, responsible and people of their word.
It has been an amazing journey and I look forward to growing together.»


Daniel Vacic, Founder of Jaffle


Team composition

Project Manager/Business Analyst
ReactJS Developer
2 VueJS Developers
2 WordPress Backend Developers
UI/UX Designer
QA Engineer

Partnership period

March 2020 – Present

Front end achievements

  • We used the well-thought-out component architecture which enables a simple theme styling when applied to different businesses. 
  • The team went for the blade components in separate files for splitting the code base into small parts. 
  • Concerning CSS naming, the BEM methodology was implemented for working with each component as a separate BEM block.
  • Our developers have applied Vue.js to change the standard WooCommerce checkout. This change made possible a number of customization options in the integration process of Jaffle with other businesses.
  • The flexible product filters were built from scratch with AJAX.

Scaling and Security

  • Separate repositories for every component;
  • Github based development;
  • Bedrock boilerplate with deep security configuration;
  • Restriction of any external untrusted plugins or themes;
  • Flexible functionality.

Back-end achievements

  • MVC-like architecture;
  • Flexible and scalable structure;
  • Static code analysis;
  • Database abstraction layers and data mapping (like Doctrine ORM);
  • Data Caching over WP Query and wpdb queries;
  • Auto deploy and auto-update systems (Symfony Backend).


  • Google Maps (maps API, places API, directions API)
  • Twilio 
  • Google OAuth
  • Facebook OAuth
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What’s next?
  • Introductory meeting and project discussion
  • Time & cost estimation.
  • Agreement & SOW signed
  • Project kick off
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