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Providing an individualized IT service. Driven by purpose, equipped by technology.

Migrating from outdated software isn’t an option, it’s already a necessity. The proven path to increase your revenue, conversion, and lifetime value, open new markets and reduce your costs. As a full-cycle software development company, we help with that, from the initial idea to its implementation and maintenance and everything in-between.


Core Technologies Expertise

Our experience allowed us to develop and to deliver the huge solution in Automotive, Agriculture, Education and eCommerce domains of Business

JavaScript: Certified ReactJS, NodeJS and VueJS Teams

Softblues is a full-stack software development company specialized in JS technologies and passionate about building fast but reliable and scalable web and mobile products.

As experienced JS developers, we’ve boosted our skills in the most relevant and modern tools for creating remarkable web applications. We choose React.js and Vue.js for the frontend to design highly reliable, fast, and user-friendly applications. Node.js helps us with the backend for creating large real-time applications with complex integrations and React Native helps as deliver both Android and iOS Mobile Apps.

Our biggest pride in the key results we continue to deliver:

  • Internal ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, VueJS programs;
  • 3 national Grants won by our clients;
  • Elaborate competency matrix and improvement programs for JS specialists;
  • More than 3 million dollars in investments gained by our clients’ projects;
  • Successful complex and long-termed scalable projects such as FieldBi (an innovation platform for agro companies management), Jaffle (advanced e-commerce constructor), AutoBi (a new-age business intelligence platform for effective fleet management), AgroB2B (a closed B2B marketplace);
  • Providing a great experience in technologies like Laravel, Symfony, Python, as well as deep knowledge of how to merge them with JS for the optimal performance;
  • Being an official Pinterest and BigCommerce partner;
  • Rated as TOP-30 IT employer in Ukraine
  • Aknowledged as one of the TOP-50 agencies in the world according to Clutch.co.

WordPress, WooCommerce and LearnDash Gurus

Application Development, E-commerce and WooCommerce Support, Website Changes and Migrations, Speed Optimization & Much More!

We could tell you a lot about our successes in WP development for web solutions, e-commerce, LMS (Learning Management Systems), and GatsbyJS Integrations. It’s only to be expected since WordPress remains a most common go-to CMS that works for the standard cases, MVPs, and start-ups. Knowing how to work with it is a market requirement that we stick to. Here are the stats:

  • 10+ years of gaining the competence
  • over 5000 online stores served
  • 400+ successful custom projects finished
  • 5/5 overall rating on premium WP platform called Codeable.io
  • 2x-5x economy of time and money compared to the alternative costs
  • 70K active users of our own Premmerce plugins for WordPress
  • 2 years of flourishing collaboration with Automattic and Pinterest on the Pinterest for WooCommerce Plugin to turn inspiring Pins into profitable Leads

Having experienced WordPress inside out, our developers implement a solution, however complex, and spend exactly the amount of time and money necessary to hit the defined goal. Service upgrade: they reveal when it wouldn’t work and propose a better fit for your special custom solution.

Power of Synergy

Mastering one thing is a skill, alchemizing the right combinations is an art. We do both. When there’s a request from a client, we instantly look for the optimal methods to use all of the technologies available, WordPress-related, and their alternatives (PHP, GatsbyJS, Next.JS, React Native). Such combos amp up the power of the product while going easy on the budget. The challenges of fitting the constituents together and melting them into a whole viable creation are what fires our developers up. Their successes are what gets us recommended by the customers.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning development

Integration of custom machine learning development and artificial intelligence software development with computing is expected to bring new possibilities for global businesses and for innovative goals. We apply deep technological expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence development services to help clients deliver personalization and customer convenience at scale. We train and deploy machine learning models and use it to provide solutions for businesses and allow them to stay ahead of the competition.


We’ve laid out the technologies that we’re passionate about, now it’s time to reveal the value of our assistance. And the range of services is quite broad, from the web and mobile development to headless e-commerce, with features that go beyond the function basics. The focus is always on YOU: your idea and possibilities, along with creative modifications appearing during the process. We apply the agile methodologies for a painless and beneficial adaptation as well as for flexibility that makes for a practicable result to sell.

Custom Web and Mobile Development

Creating a web product that is both attractive and profitable is a fascinating adventure. At Softblues we make it into a passion project, with all that it entails. You come to us with an idea – we find out all the “how-tos” and wrap it into a marketable design. Creativity is a spark to follow. Accountability is what sustains it till the job gets done.

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Development Teams

Developing a project takes a village. A village of skilled experts who hold themselves accountable and adapt to the needs and requirements of clients. Our extensive experience of finding people like these proves the importance of a strong team. From the initial idea to its final implementation, we accompany you at every step and bring in people with both persistence and high adaptability to the task at hand. The result you can expect: a quality product and a long-term partnership that thrives.

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Discover our case studies

Learn about the value we bring to businesses

  • FieldBI

    An innovation platform for agro companies management

    • managing land registry
    • obtaining geo-data on land
    • tracking soil fertility
    • analyzing crops using images captured by drone shooting
    • managing personnel
    • distribution and task performance
    See full case study
  • AutoBI

    Effective fleet management requires a solid new-age business intelligence platform. AutoBI is exactly like that. No more hassle with spare parts and equipment management, uncontrollable traffic routes, expired insurances, and motoring fines. Instead, your company saves costs just by tracking, measuring, and taking timely actions.

    • effective fleet management
    • spare parts and units accounting
    • monitoring of fines
    • insurance policies
    • automated reports in real-time mode
    • telematics
    See full case study
  • Jaffle – Advanced E-commerce Constructor

    Uniting logistics and marketing doesn’t seem like an obvious move. Jaffle solves the dilemma. The platform combines the main tools for a swift launch of business allowing its owners to make the most out of store locations, customers and suppliers management, as well as the promotion instruments. Thanks to the block layout, it’s highly customizable, which helps with a unique and extremely user-friendly design for each new business. To sum up, Jaffle is right up your alley if you aspire for a fast and effective start in restaurant and e-commerce business domains.

    • Auto deploy and auto-update systems
    • Flexible and scalable structure
    • MVC-like architecture
    • deep security configuration
    See full case study


We provide expert software engineering and consultancy services to businesses globally
  • In a fruitful partnership with the leading network of inspiration, our one and only Premmerce WooCommerce Pinterest was born. From its launch and till now, it doesn't fail to bring organic traffic and increase conversions for hundreds of e-shops.

  • We've developed over 15 successful plugins to turn the WooCommerce-based stores into profitable and user-friendly services. From a filter system to various swatches options, we have every solution for attracting people to your site and making them into your loyal customers.

  • Our mission is to bring value to all aspiring businesses, and we're proud to cooperate with like-minded organizations. With Pinterest and BigCommerce, we've brought our long-time favorite to the new e-commerce platform. From now on, it's no hassle to strengthen your marketing positions and draw revenue from one of the most popular social networks.

We are the top Ukrainian company by Clutch

Clutch has been acknowledged by Inc. Magazine and LinkedIn as a promising and rapidly growing startup. That means something if the company has got recognition from it. Our company did get to its top and Ukraine as a home base made it actually easier. You ask why? We answer "because ...
  • 200k+ software experts

    Ukraine can boast of the biggest pool for IT experts, 200000+ just in 2020. Good education and inventiveness gene has turned it into the leading outsource market, which is not small even in terms of area. More competitors are translated into a greater need to impress with own crafts;

  • 36,000+ Tech Graduates Annually

    Such concentration creates a supportive environment in itself and pushes forward to professional growth. Numerous conferences and informal educational events are convincing proof. As well as a sure path to innovative thinking;

  • Good command of English

    85% percent of Ukraine’s tech workers report having an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency;

  • Cultural Compatibility

    The work ethics dominating the IT outsourcing industry in Ukraine is very similar to that of Western businesses;

  • Strong IT community

    Ukrainian professionals are pretty open to new approaches and technologies, they learn fast and find ways to squeeze the most out of opportunity;

  • Reasonable Outsourcing Rates

    Ukrainian rates are lower. Compared to the Western market, the expense differences are obvious;

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