Laravel Development

Are you looking for a framework that allows customizing the project’s architecture and using functions without the update-related fear? And wouldn’t it be fantastic to work with a popular product for which it’s easy to find both the developers and the solution-providing community?

Laravel is your savior then. And we know exactly how to use it to your advantage.


We love Laravel and there are more than
sentimental explanations to it

This is one of our key expertise areas, and we’re keen on keeping it that way. The competencies matrix for the developers, a level-up program to prepare the most qualified employees, regular meet-ups to share the experience, and certification compensation — everything to make the knowledge multidimensional and applicable. As a result, we provide a range of services that utilize this technology to its fullest.

Scalable Web and Mobile Development

Building an application from scratch, whether for a laptop or a phone, calls for a mix of universal standards and adaptability to the specific request. With Laravel, it’s as flexible as it gets. Its useful set of libraries extends the functionality and allows you to create high-quality user interfaces. The more cost-effective project and business results in a shorter time are only an expected consequence.

Innovative E-commerce Solutions

In an era of online shopping, it’s imperative to put yourself out there with more than a decent website. Laravel offers certain features to make it happen time- and cost-effectively. For example, an easily implemented authorization to prevent the XSS, CSRF, and SQL attacks. Or an introduction of cloud-based local mail services to work with multiple channels. And so many more things that win over the customers.

Secure Platform Migration

It happens pretty often: you create something with resources you’re familiar with, the whole system is set into motion. That’s when you discover the next great thing like Laravel to base your app on. Where do you go from there? Well, you can trust us with an undamaged migration that saves everything you’ve achieved already and build upon that. When you know better, you do better — that’s true not only for the soul but for a website as well.

Refined Made-to-Order Developments

Some projects just can’t be put into one category. Why struggle when you are free to request exactly what you need? Laravel gives you a lot of room to maneuver. Predefined infrastructure packages allow personalizing the system and tailor it to the specific business needs, while a third-party application integration is also very accessible. MVC structure provides many additional built-in features with an opportunity to develop at different stages.

Why are Lavarel and Softblues a match
made for each other and you?

Time Savings

Laravel’s development cycle is fast and mostly smooth. Mix in our distinctive timeline planning, and the implemented project turns out to be time-efficient, with astonishing results in a shorter timeframe.

Full Support All Along the Way

Explicit and intelligible communication isn’t a nice bonus, it’s a must-have. We know that assistance throughout the whole operation makes you feel taken care of. It works in a coherent manner: Laravel’s large community constantly develops and maintains the applications independently of those who use them. With its documentation being close to perfection, we are able to provide with info and actions needed.

Cash Cutbacks

Laravel has its own Blade template engine and an expressive «beautiful» language syntax to facilitate all significant concerns such as authentication, sessions, caching, and RESTful routing. Great news? It’s free, which means you have to pay only for our services. With the exquisitely thought-out structure and our systematic and creative approach — you’re bound to get the result you asked for.

Flexibility Range

Laravel comes with many pre-installed libraries to choose from for every specific demand. Our expert awareness ensures that the developers use the most optimal one and handle it purposefully. We can extend both ways, functionally and scalability-wise. With such a tool, it’s only a matter of inventiveness and strategy.

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