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SoftBlues has been on the market for more than 15 years now. Since that time we managed to gather highly-skilled Senior-Middle developers and Senior TechLeads. The team of NodeJS developers is not the exception. Our team of experienced VueJS developers utilizes reusable, component-based UI to develop real-time and dynamic applications that are easy to upscale in the future.

Thanks to our rich experience, at SoftBlues, we know how to build scalable and meaningful hi-tech solutions on NodeJS.


Why should you choose SoftBlues
for NodeJS development

Highly-qualified senior-middle NodeJS developers
Our developers have a solid experience with NodeJS, delivering solutions that fully match with customer expectations. When we use Node.js technology, we aim for effective, fast-working, and stable solutions.
Effective communication
Transparency is what we can guarantee you because we understand how important it is for our clients to be aware of everything that happens within their projects. We take a proactive position when creating products and believe that communication is the key to project success.
Cost of services
Compared with the EU, the United States and Australia, the development of Node.js in Ukraine is cost-effective while maintaining high quality
Deep analysis of the project
Our highly-qualified Technical Lead and Delivery Manager analyze the project and its needs, identify the main opportunities that we can offer, and prepare the baseline expertise.
Agile methodology
While developing solutions for our clients, we use agile methodology so that the team can reduce inefficiencies and build software as fast as possible.
Dedicated Project Manager
We provide a dedicated experienced Project Manager for every client, so you can keep a breast of the project at any time without having to delve into the process.

Benefits of NodeJS

Fast development
Based on a powerful and resource-efficient Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js allows for building real-time network applications at a record pace. Moreover NodeJS has an extensive package management library called Node Package Manager (NPM), with thousands of open-source options that can be added to your app project immediately. These pre-packaged options not only reduce your time to market, but they reduce your programming budget, as well.
The serverless feature allows applications to automatically scale in response to traffic peaks. Therefore, you only pay for the service when you use the function, instead of using it all the time, so the cost is lower than the standard server architecture. In fact, it’s one of the most efficient server-side frameworks that make your application operate at a lightweight speed, which by itself improves your business productivity and enhances user experience.
Node.js is becoming more and more popular, which translates into broader support and more libraries and resources. In 2015, a number of companies, including IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, Fidelity, SAP, organized the Node.js Foundation. It is an independent community whose goal is to promote the development of Node.js core tools. With about a million libraries currently available in the npm registry and over 10,000 new ones being published weekly, the Node.js ecosystem is quite rich. With such a huge variety of free tools available in a few clicks, there is a huge potential for using Node.js.
App performance
NodeJS increases app performance by 50%. It is a big advantage for companies planning to grow. It also makes it easier to send data between server and client and facilitate instant data synchronization.

Our Node.js services


Custom NodeJS development
You have an idea that requires software development to be implemented. Our technical specialists are ready to prepare it to launch from scratch. We would be more than happy to provide you with the desired solution.


Dedicated NodeJS developers
Hire a professional highly skilled NodeJS engineers to your project in collaboration with your in-house team.


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