Agriculture is one of the largest sectors in Ukraine, with permanent growth and increasing exporting capacities. At the same time, the sale and purchase of state- and municipal-owned agricultural land by private stakeholders is banned under Ukrainian legislation. This means agricultural businesses must lease lands from private individuals, leading to huge amounts of data and document processing.
A group of innovators decided to create a product to address the issue and develop industry-wide digitalization. We were asked to develop and deliver this huge solution in the Automotive, Agriculture, Education and eCommerce domains of Business.


FieldBI was launched in March 2020 as a result of a collaboration between domain experts and the SoftBlues tech team. The platform enables land leasers to control their resources, access necessary information in a click, and manage the related risks. Flexible tools for legal and finance management, high-level visualization and mapping options, and a personal/company account dashboard contribute greatly to the national agritech sector.
In 2020, FieldBI received a presidential grant for innovation in the agriculture sector and over 100 companies currently enjoy using the platform for their operations.

The FieldBI app is available on AppStore.


«The team’s solution-oriented mindset has enabled them to deliver results that align with expectations. Their active collaboration style enables them to offer useful relevant suggestions. Their transparent communication style has facilitated mutual understanding throughout the engagement»


Evheniy Kuguk, CEO FieldBI



Team composition

Project Manager
Business Analyst
2 ReactJS Developers
2 ReactNative Developers
3 Symfony/Python/NodeJS Developers
UI/UX Designer
QA Engineer

Partnership period

June 2019 – Present

Front-end achievements

  • We use React.js hooks and made sure our applications run quickly and reliably. They are very easy to maintain as well.
  • Our team has implemented visualization of maps, charts, tables with filters this way ensuring smooth operation of big data.
  • A mobile application was developed for the convenience of users that has all the features of the desktop product version.

Scaling and Security

  • JWT Token was used for user authorization.
  • HTTPs protocols for security. The framework used in the system is protected from SQL Injection and other types of attacks.

Back-end achievements

  • DataBase migration from MySql to PostgreSql enabled the team to use PostGIS module which is a powerful tool for working with coordinates. As a result, the calculation of land fields and their coordinates has become very accurate.
  • PHP-7.4 was used with regard to the smooth transition of the platform to PHP-8.0 which will speed up a number of features. Python and Node.JS microservices are being used.

Implemented features

  • Information panels

    The control panels include more than 40 indicators in which the status of the land bank of the enterprise is automatically analyzed and the issues that need to be addressed are indicated.

  • Map

    Visualization of contract status, USREOU searches, as well as plot areas, types of land, purpose, Standard Estimated Money Value, years of contract completion, etc.

  • Fields

    A complete list of cultivated fields of an agricultural enterprise with a powerful functionality of selection by key indicators and reflection of efficiency of use.

  • Plots

    A complete list of leased, taken or exchanged plots of an agricultural enterprise with a powerful selection function for key indicators

  • Contracts

    Full list of lease agreements and additional agreements with powerful selection functionality for various statuses and other indicators

  • Analytics

    The analytical block includes more than 20 information panels that allow you to delve into the situation with the land bank at the enterprise

  • Task

    The "Tasks" section allows you to set, track and receive tasks in the system for all employees of the enterprise with support for iOS and Android

  • Finance

    The section "Finance" reflects all the necessary financial information on land, contracts and contractors and opens up new opportunities not only for land managers, but also for accountants, economists and finance professionals.

  • Reports

    Automatic generation of reports on the land bank of the farm, lease payments, certificates on the field, etc.

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