Connecting two established platforms is a challenge in itself.
Our business mission was to create a reliable, smoothly
working plugin to connect the WooCommerce stores
to Pinterest and provide user-friendly management
experience to boost e-commerce. The technical demands
were to fully integrate the Pinterest tools on hand with the
product catalog on WooCommerce.


Based on the feedback from WooCommerce users, the essentials of the ideal tool were defined. We used the Rich Pins principle to tie the «Adding/Editing» product page to the Pinterest account. This allows for managing the Pins right from the WordPress dashboard. We also included different Pin creating and updating mechanisms. Bulk pinning, scheduled pinning, and Automatic Boards detection among them to streamline the posting process. Also, we configured an improved Save button for the potential customers, synced the product shortcodes to the Pin descriptions. Due to all these characteristics, reaching out to the Pinterest audience calls for a lower need for manual entries. Finally, the integrated Pinterest tag tracks the conversions for measuring your return on ad spend and adjusting the targeting strategy.

«Was very easy to install. Support is quick to reply and extremely helpful.
This is the best pinterest plugin I have used yet»

«Overall it’s an excellent piece of software and the support is fast and good too. The only issues I had were that I found the documentation to be less than perfect. It took me a while to work a few bits out but everything was fine afterwards. I would totally recommend though»

Good Roots Club

«This product saved me a great amount of time in loading my product pages to Pinterest. Even better than the product was the customer support. I had problems (my fault) with using the software and so I contacted support. I received an instant
reply and they fixed the problem immediately! Could not ask for more»

Back-end achievements

  • We opt for the MVC (Model, View, Controller) pattern for the effectiveness of each separate part of a plugin. This way, it was possible to rewrite the way of processing the data without changes in its display.
  • We use parseСSV as the only complete and fully featured CSV solution for PHP.
  • Our developers work with PSR-4: Autoloading Standard to keep up with the latest tech, solve code reuse problems and facilitate collaborative development.
  • We also focused on WP Background Processing as a queuing system. Considering its absence of dependencies and database replacements with no effect on the user’s browsing experience, it’s perfect for use in commercial plugins.


Team composition

Business analyst
PHP developer
Frontend developer

Partnership period

June 2019 – Present

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  • Time & cost estimation.
  • Agreement & SOW signed
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