Pinterest Plugin

The development of the official plugin for goods integration with WooCommerce’s Pinterest Catalog.


Pinterest is one of the world’s largest social networks for sharing inspiration and ideas between users. As it helps to generate additional traffic for online stores, we had to find a way to connect it with WooCommerce, the ecommerce platform with the largest number of active online stores in the world.  

The primary task: find a technical solution to integrate the Pinterest and WooCommerce platforms to boost e-commerce users’ success within the two networks. 

The main challenge of this project was to find opportunities for the development of online stores by using the available Pinterest tools and the applicable options for successful integration with the product catalog on WooCommerce.

Discovery Phase

At this stage, we did the necessary research on the capabilities of Pinterest, got feedback from WooCommerce users, and worked on the basic requirements for the ideal tool.

Our programmers explored the ways of building the project architecture and capabilities of the WooCommerce and Pinterest APIs.

Team: Business analyst, marketer, PHP developer.

Initial Phase

Initially, we faced some API restrictions that hindered OAuth authorization from the online store admin side. Another obstacle was Pinterest’s API restrictions, which made it difficult to get full access to the store’s product data and complete information sharing between the store and Pinterest.

Together with the WooCommerce and Pinterest development teams, we decided to add these elements and extend the existing APIs. Afterward, we started designing the project architecture and developing the user interface.

Team: Business analyst, PHP developer, Frontend developer, designer.

Development and Support Phase

Within two months, we rolled out the first version of the platform, which contained the main tools and immediately involved a team in supporting it and collecting the feedback.

As a result, we immediately received a massive stream of registered users. Based on feedback during the month, we issued two more releases with various improvements and updates.

Another major release has been delivered recently, based on the analysis of user behavior over the past three months. In addition, we are providing customer support for the plugin.

The project is successfully developing and accumulating its client base. Meanwhile, the development team is gradually expanding, as more and more opportunities and improvements are emerging every day.