Sinnapse 2

Development of quality software for application processing optimization for Great Place to Work® Institute. The regional businesses on this platform can:

Sinnapse Marketing Agency

Sinnapse is a Brasilian advertising agency specializing in digital marketing. It has developed its own methodology and software solutions to help their clients acquire new consumers and generate more revenue.

Great Place to Work® Institute is dedicated to helping organizations understand and practice the qualities and behaviors that lead to the creation of great workplaces.

Great Place to Work together with Sinnapse Agency came up with the idea of creating software for application processing optimization. Hundreds of businesses strive to get on the Great Place to Work list and the application process requires a lot of resources.

SoftBlues approach to business analysis at the stage of negotiations made us feel very secure as they asked a lot of deep and relevant questions to explore our real needs. Their proactivity was impressive as well.

Leonardo Mafra
Front-End developer at Sinnapse


Sinnapse had a fairly tight deadline.Therefore, the choice of the most efficient technology and the responsible team was crucial. The idea of this solution is that different regional companies are registered on the platform and they offer their services in a number of different business sectors. With the help of their business profile, they present their company services and get in touch with their leads. SoftBlues main task was to enable the partner registration option, managed by the website administrators, who are able to deny or approve partnership applications. The affiliates, on the other hand, are able to manage their affiliates profile to the full extent. All the profile changes are logged and can be either accepted or disapproved by the moderators.

Bussines Benefits

  • Optimized application processing

    Optimized application processing

  • Transparent selection to company listings

    Transparent selection to company listings

  • Increase in company presence

    Increase in company presence

  • Improved public accessibility

    Improved public accessibility


WordPress was the initial technology and the Sinnapse Agency team have developed some layouts for the project transforming them into the code (HTML5, CSS3 and a little bit of jQuery).

SoftBlues was in charge of back-end development only and enabled registration, profile management, profile approval, filtering, and search options. There was a tight cooperation with web designers and every page was projected thoroughly. The progress reports were created regularly in order to keep everyone updated.

SoftBlues explored and developed the idea from the technology and usability perspective. Even though, the design stage took longer than we expected (because of some extra revisions), the project was delivered on time an within the estimated budget