The thought-out system for the truck availability management with:

Skim New Media Ltd

Skim New Media Ltd is a UK based design company. Established in 1995, the company has been helping businesses to manage all their design requirements as they grow.

Specialist Transport Group (STG Transport) is a logistics company, concentrating particularly on the movement of the abnormal loads, sometimes known as Out of Gauge Cargo.

Skim New Media LTD is an STG Transport partner which is responsible for software design and functionality development.

SoftBlues has been fantastic throughout this project. They immediately understood the brief and produced the work quickly, professionally and was always helpful and courteous. I would definitely recommend this team to anyone needing a professional service. Awesome.

David Jarvis
founder at Skim New Media Ltd


The Skim New Media Ltd received a task to develop software which will enable the creation and management of the truck availability tables, integrate them with their CRM and MailChimp. All solutions must be updated in the real-time mode and be displayed on the main page in the form of a shortcode. At the time, the tables were filled out and managed manually by the transport operators.

Bussines Benefits

  • Optimized work of transport operators

    Optimized work of transport operators

  • Real-time mode for user convenience

    Real-time mode for user convenience

  • More efficient newsletter management

    More efficient newsletter management

  • Improved customer management

    Improved customer management


Skim New Media Ltd cooperated with SoftBlues in order to estimate the project scope and implement the back-end part, since they don’t have software engineers in their team. SoftBlues received a very detailed and well-composed project brief, which described the future plugin, its features and its interaction with other products. We spent one day analyzing all the project requirements, all features connected to the operators working process, integration peculiarities, updating parameters, etc.
After the STG approved everything, we started the implementation stage.

During implementation, we noticed several aspects of the plugins UX and suggested some ways to improve them. Skim New Media appreciated that and the changes had been made promptly. It took some time to analyze the CRM uploading data and the format of its transference to MailChimp. However, all the hidden rocks were considered and everything functioned properly in the end. Three weeks later the plugin was released and ready to serve STG client’ needs at its full capacity.