Agriculture is a leading and profitable industry in Ukrainian economics, but it still has some obstacles to overcome. The unnecessary bureaucracy and lack of digitalization are the ones that stop it from unfolding to its fullest potential. Our client’s goal was to change the situation by creating PoC for the marketplace within a reasonable timeframe and budget.


We’ve created the traditional marketplace with elegant UI/UX and standard e-commerce features i.e.catalog, ordering, check out, and authorization forms. It also included the cross-mapping products from different key groups (products, services, equipment), reviews and recommended products, client/partner personal cabinets. The essential B2B functionality was implemented and covered the management of partner products, sales, and traffic analytics.


«The team brought to the table a lot more than just software development. They have demonstrated in-depth expertise in e-commerce and product management. Being absolutely committed and professional, they meet our quality and budget expectations.»

Oleksandr Kopnyak,
Product Owner, AgroB2B


Team composition

Project Manager/Business Analyst
2 ReactJS Developers
2 Laravel Developers
UI/UX Designer
QA Engineer

Partnership period

July 2020 – Present

Front-end achievements

  • The team implemented a server-side rendering approach with Next.js & Node.js for better search engine support, excellent performance, and a highly satisfying user experience.
  • We applied Redux store on the client and server-side that allowed us to eliminate the redux state after navigating between pages.
  • The React hooks were frequently used, they helped to share logic among components simply and predictably. As a result, we received a clean functional code.
  • There was a separate code based on distinct architecture layers: data layer, business logic layer, and visual components layer. This separation enabled the creation of solid, scalable, and maintainable architecture.
  • For the styling, we used CSS modules with BEM methodology and Sass. This combination provided all the new CSS features and made all component styles independent and easy to sustain.

Back-end achievements

  • Our developers worked with the latest tech stack and the newest version of frameworks to build an advanced system.
  • We decided to split Back-End and Front-End and to organize all communication between them via RESTful API.
  • The team built a custom plugin for a payment system that supports different flexible usage-based pricing models.
  • We extended the B2C platform to a B2B e-commerce engine of impressive performance and scalability that is highly competitive.
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