We at Softblues conducted an analytical study of the service development market, where we have compared salaries and development costs in Ukraine and UK. The data for this article was based on salary analysis resources - dou.ua, glassdoor.com, indeed.com, as well as our experience of launching a large number of projects with dedicated medium and large teams and analyzing the work of our colleagues in small, medium and large IT companies providing services for outsourcing development teams.

Overview what’s inside:

  • Convenient comparison table of salaries, rates and costs of developers by seniority and delivery team.
  • Comparison of costs of team composition (frontend, backend, fullstack) between Ukraine and UK.
  • A ready-made list of skill set and experience for every team member.

All data is current as of the beginning of 2022, and we plan to update it every quarter, since the development market is currently developing very quickly and changes can occur quite quickly.

In case you have any comments or questions about this study - contact us and we will be more than happy to advise and provide all the necessary information. Feel free to download a PDF copy!