Modern Stack Headless E-commerce

With headless eСommerce you’ll gain true sustainability. It’s a valuable tool for re-engaging with your customers as it brings a unique mobile experience.

Do you have a stable eСommerce business and feel like it needs improvement? Are you willing to scale up, but there is a problem related to your platform’s technology stack?

Is it time to increase your revenue so that it is higher than your competitors?We’ve got a solution for you!

With headless eСommerce you’ll gain true sustainability that is secure and resistant. It’s a valuable tool for re-engaging with your customers as it brings a unique mobile experience and contributes to your brand development.

No more one-platform dependence – move towards a genuine omnichannel now!
Headless eCommerce development is all about the full separation of Frontend

from Backend by using modern technologies, such as ReactJS, GraphQL, GatsbyJS, and Next.JS.

As a result, the Frontend stops being dependent on one platform for content generation and can use various platforms in one place. It enables faster operation and the creation of a unique user experience that takes into account your business needs.

After the data exchange starts to work through API as GraphQL, your data transfers and outputs will become more adjustable to your business needs on any channel, be it a website, application, or IoT device. You will be able to use channels such as Voice Search, VR, AR, XR and evolve with the times.

Ecommerce platforms

For catalog and user management, you can deploy any of the most popular eCommerce platforms

You can use WordPress or Contentful for content management together with additional platforms for recommendations or search.

In a nutshell, Headless eCommerce is all about building reliable, fast and scalable websites. No matter how many other platforms your business will include, your site will remain stable and effective. Your Frontend will gain flexible assets and necessary user experience retaining excellent performance.

Success cases

  • Impossible Foods have found solutions for hosting, security issues, and high maintenance costs. They pushed forward their Frontend technology and resolved the challenges of hiring highly skilled experts.

  • Housecall Pro have dramatically decreased development time and the speed of page creation has rocketed.

  • StriVectin have reached codebase sustainability. They had a codebase with approximately 20,000 files on Magento and decreased it to around 300 records.

Progressive Web Application

Today, the number of users of mobile devices is rapidly growing and has already exceeded desktop usage. Not to mention mobile-first development, which is a hot trend in the tech world at the moment. As a technology with an immersive perspective, PWA is already prevailing over the creation of classic website development.
PWA is not just a tech trend, but an absolute necessity. Gartner foresees that PWAs will replace 50% of mobile apps in 2020.

  • PWA enables users to get a native app-like experience and provides the possibility of adding it to the home screen of their device without any additional app development for iOS and Android.
  • You will achieve the highest rates of mobile usability for the Google search engine, which will increase traffic.
  • You’ll be able to deliver a new experience for your users, such as offline access to your store and Web push notifications.
  • You will outperform the native app user experience and demonstrate efficient business results.

How has PWA impacted the life ofbusiness giants?

  • Starbucks have reached: 2X retention time 20% increase in conversion rate 87% growth of time spent on the website 2X increase of daily and monthly users

  • George have noticed: 31% increase in conversion rate 3.8X faster average page load time 2X lower bounce rate

  • West Elm can boast: 15% growth in average page visits 9% increase in revenue per visit 25% increase in traffic across Android and iOS

Performance, Load Resistance, and Security

Several up-to-date technologies can help you to maintain an optimal balance and performance of your eCommerce project.

Gatsby.js is a win-win solution for web stores, with a moderate number of pages and an item volume not exceeding 5000. This framework is based on JamStack technology and turns your Frontend into a static site that will load in less than a second. It will be entirely independent of the backend – available on a separate server, such as CDN hosting. It significantly reduces the costs and resources, while at the same time maintaining a high speed, unrivaled by any other solution.

With Gatsby, you build blazing fast websites.
For eCommerce stores with a larger number of pages and items, we use the server-side rendering platform Next.js. Its main advantages include providing your project with superior performance, the efficient optimization of discovery and SEO, lightning-fast delivery, incremental adoption, and infinite scalability.

Have They Changed Their Game With Gatsby?

  • Flamingo


    Experienced a significant improvement in Lighthouse performance scores with PWA in SEO, overall performance, and page speed.

  • Design code

    Design code

    Ignited their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Gatsby and managed to reach Lighthouse scores of SEO at 100, Best Practices at 93, and performance at 97 out of 100.

  • Youfit Health Clubs

    Youfit Health Clubs

    Have increased their lead conversion rate by 60% after incorporating Gatsby for the rebuild.

Process of Integration and Pricing

Our development process is flexible and based on the outlined iterations. We ensure that all necessary technologies are efficiently incorporated into your business. For transparency and efficient project management we use Jira (task management platform) and you will be able to continuously access and track the results of the intermediary stages of the project.

Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

During this phase, we study and evaluate your current solutions and tech stack, choosing the optimal technologies to meet your business needs. This includes wireframing, a detailed assessment, and allocation of an expert team for the project.

The results of the discovery phase:

  • We analyze the existing technologies that are necessary for your project
  • Roadmap of the project development
  • Wireframes of your product’s interface
  • Approximate budgeting for development

Team: Project manager, business analyst, UX designer, Frontend/Backend developers.
Timeframe: 1 month

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