Staff augmentation service for client’s business

Staff augmentation service for client’s business

This case study will describe the cooperation model of extending the client’s tech team with the new specialists and providing adequate further employment support and professional supervision.

Collection of requirements for the candidate

First of all, to find the best matching talent, we conduct a detailed discussion with the client regarding the requirements for the position and project. 

At the first stage, our engagement manager gathers the following basic information about the position:
  • Detailed position description
  • Information about the project technology, team
  • Candidate’s responsibilities within the project
  • Project tech stack
  • Project business domain
  • Project duration
  • Project methodology
  • Project management: daily meetings, calls with clients, team, working schedule

Then our Tech Lead, depending on the selected technical stack, analyzes the information and possibly clarifies some additional points to ensure that we have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the ideal candidate’s profile. 

The Contract and Cooperation Model

After determining the ideal candidate’s profile, we will set up a candidate search process and agree on a cooperation model with a client. The next step is signing a contract with the client. 

We work with the Time and Material model most of the time, but we can consider the Cost Plus model in some cases. 

Screening of the candidate 

Depending on the level of skills and technical stack needed, it takes from 3 to 6 days to find the first candidates. 

We deliver the fastest search results in the technologies we specialize in, such as ReactJS, React Native, VueJS, NodeJS, Python, Php, WordPress, QA, PM, BA, FA, DevOps, etc.

At a start, we check the qualified in-house candidates whose projects are finishing in the nearest future. We start the external search if there are no relevant in-house talents available. In some cases, if the client needs rapid hiring, we can refer to our partnership network, which currently includes about 20 vetted and reliable companies.  

We conduct the selection and screening of candidates in three stages:
  • We preliminary check the candidate’s hard and soft skills and their adherence to the position. For this phase, we select 4-5 criteria points that are most critical for the role, such as knowledge of a specific framework, library, work experience in a particular business domain. 
  • Interview with the in-house recruiter, English check. At this stage, we conduct a software interview, determine readiness for the start of work, clarify and work through the candidate’s expectations, and test their level of English. 
  • Technical interview. Depending on the requested tech stack, we will engage the specialized Tech Lead in the technical interview. 

Interview with the client

Finally, we introduce the candidate to the client on the condition all internal interviews are conducted successfully. It is essential to set up interviews promptly and have a few slots available for interviews during the week at a client’s side because candidates with high profiles are very competitive and require quick feedback.


After the candidate is approved for the project, we conduct the appropriate onboarding in our company, which includes:

  • Legal support (signing the employment contract and NDA)
  • Accounting support (assigning the bookkeeping consultant)
  • HR support (appointing the HR manager for handling work-related issues)
  • Technical/domain leadership (appointing the highly qualified domain specialist to mentor with project-related tasks and professional development)
  • Setting up the working environment: equipment, office, the software provision

Work schedule, time tracking

Before the start of the project, we agree with the client on the basic workflow:

  • Working Hours
  • Regular meetings 
  • Time-tracking regulations
  • Performance reviews
  • Vacations and sick-leaves policies

Our company covers all employee overhead costs for holidays, vacations, taxes, etc. 

Feedback, quality control, and professional development plan

We conduct regular performance reviews and 180/360 feedback sessions with each specialist. We refer to our clients for monthly feedback on employee engagement, HR for one-on-one meetings, and our tech/domain leaders for professional supervision. Every specialist is expected to have an individual development plan, get domain certifications and participate in professional education and knowledge exchange events.

In case of poor performance or negative feedback from the client, our company is responsible for replacing the specialist within the agreed timeframe.