Exploring Ukrainian IT Specialists: Softblues Perspective

Exploring Ukrainian IT Specialists: Softblues Perspective

The Ukrainian IT market is undoubtedly one of the most progressive in the world, confirmed by the constantly growing number of specialists, the increase in the share of experienced software engineers, and the frequent appearance of tech startups. Such high competition may seem to adversely impact product development quality, but this is not the case in Ukraine.

Resilience & perseverance

Despite the difficult economic conditions, the 2022 industry statistics demonstrated an ever-increasing performance quality of Ukrainian IT specialists. The past year’s employment reports reveal that 62% of software engineers have at least 2+ years of experience. Meanwhile, the share of senior candidates with 5+ years of experience is 35%.

Over the year, Ukrainian engineers adopted immense flexibility and problem-solving skills, even amid the ongoing war. Surprisingly, constant air raid alerts and power outages pushed IT specialists to find ways to deliver results even in challenging circumstances. Understanding the importance of delivering high-quality results quickly and efficiently has always been a priority. Now, considering the need for a steady revenue stream for the country, this priority has become even more crucial. Today, 89% of IT industry representatives regularly donate to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer organizations.

Still, what’s so special about the Ukrainian IT community?

Ukrainian IT specialists: top benefits

At Softblues, we have received consistently positive feedback from our clients throughout the year. As an international company with a development center in Ukraine, we decided to explore the strongest points of local specialists and illustrate them with cases from our experience.

Technical expertise

Ukrainian engineers are highly competent for a reason. For instance, a strong tradition in STEM education allows technicians to hold advanced degrees in computer science or related fields. Accordingly, tech specialists start putting their knowledge into practice at a young age, allowing them to reach high developer levels by the age of 31 on average. Such a background guarantees a deep understanding of modern frameworks and technologies, as well as the ability to work on complex projects.

At Softblues, we notice a constant trend of hiring our specialists to cover leading roles in complex projects while engineers from other locations involved in our projects close simpler tasks.

Cultural compatibility

Ukrainian engineers are known for their progressive industry mindset and professionalism, making them a good fit for Western businesses. Ukraine has a similar culture and work ethic to many Western countries, making it easier for companies to communicate and collaborate effectively. 

With the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian IT community got even more involved in the global context. Only in our company, 30% of specialists currently work from different locations – Germany, Poland, the UK, Israel, and others, absorbing and sharing broader cultural experiences.


Ukrainian specialists are fluent in English and can communicate effectively with clients, stakeholders, and team members, which is crucial for the success of any project. According to internal statistics, 78% of industry hires have at least an intermediate level of English, with 63% reporting advanced language proficiency.

At Softblues, 20% of the employees speak English at an intermediate level, while 80% of the team members have advanced English proficiency.


Precise attention to detail makes Ukrainian engineers diligent and meticulous, ensuring the final product is as functional as possible. In addition, developers are trained to think outside the box and design innovative solutions to complex technical challenges. Flexibility allows Ukrainian engineers to work in various environments and adjust to changing project requirements. It significantly streamlines project management, task prioritization, and work distribution.

Ukrainian engineers are deeply committed to delivering high-quality results and meeting project deadlines, so they will put in extra hours if needed to ensure project success. For example, our company’s engineers found the opportunity to be 100% available to clients even under frequent air alarms and power outages, ensuring closing all projects on budget and on time.


The availability of Ukrainian tech specialists considerably adjusts communication with clients and within the teams, as well as ensures straightforward reporting activity. Ukraine is located practically in the same time zone as Europe and the UK and has convenient time crossings with the USA, Canada, and Australia. Such overlaps allow Ukrainian engineers to be available during the same hours as their foreign clients or team members.

Currently, we are actively working with clients from the USA, Japan, and Australia, and easily find a minimum 2-hour crossing with any country –  morning or evening Ukrainian time.


Last but not least, Ukrainian software engineers offer a cost-effective alternative to engineers in Western countries without sacrificing quality. The cost of living in Ukraine is lower than in the Western area, so salaries and other labor costs are also lower. It creates favorable conditions for scaling startups with limited budgets and projects at the initial stages of development.

We conducted thorough research and compared the prices for in-house team services in Ukraine, Germany, the UK, and the USA. On average, we see 30-50% savings compared to in-house costs and 50-100% savings compared to local companies.

We drive innovation and growth

Ukrainian software engineers offer a unique set of advantages that make them a top choice for businesses seeking quality and cost-effective solutions. With a strong education, advanced work ethic, English proficiency, and commitment, Ukrainian IT specialists have become vital assets to the global tech industry. At Softblues, we have experienced these benefits firsthand. We believe that the Ukrainian IT market will continue to be a significant player in the global tech industry for years to come.