Food and Goods Delivery

Food and Goods Delivery

Owners of the food delivery business and those restaurant entrepreneurs who plan to arrange delivery for customers have many opportunities today to help expand their existing business and enable new startups to grow. Check out the challenges and tech opportunities that enable your business to automate.


Attracting customers

To attract customers, you need your site to be integrated with many different advertising and social platforms, such as Pinterest, Facebook advertising, or Google Shopping. Moreover, the speed of transmission and updating of information should be fast and continuous, too. It should also be possible to change platforms quickly, with a site designed to test different marketing ideas.

It would help if you also had SEO promotion through content marketing, which means that you need a quality and fast combination of your eCommerce platform with a content management platform, such as WordPress. At the same time, for valid promotion, in addition to internal optimization, you need quick opening pages, as well as better mobile options.

Also, your store needs to be fairly heavy-duty to withstand the potential increase of users after various marketing campaigns, mailings, etc. At that moment, the most significant budgets and potential audience are at risk of being lost due to poor software solution architecture.


Already today, most users have switched to mobile online stores, especially food, beverage, or consumer goods delivery sites for quick purchases.

Therefore, the interface of your store should be a perfect fit for the mobile experience in the first place.  

It would be best if the display on your mobile browser was as close to the level of a native application.


One of the best ways to retain users and build a customer base is through a mobile application. However, there has recently been a significant outflow of customers from mobile app retail sites.

According to Gartner forecasts for 2020, about 40% of retail site applications will migrate to Progressive Web Application technology, allowing you to automatically make fully-fledged apps based on your site. PWA has a significant advantage, as it is about ten times lighter than a non-native app, reducing the likelihood of a user eventually uninstalling your app.

Top Performance and Security with JamStack Technology Gatsby

If you translate the site to JamStack technology and Gatsby and generate all pages as static files, the entire site can be hosted on a CDN hosting site, which opens immediately.

Thanks to this, all the site’s pages will open within 1 second, which will be a great advantage over competitors and cause a significant increase of search engine traffic.

After you separate the visible part of the site from the server through one interface and API, hacking becomes impossible because it is impossible to break the static files and access the essential site management.

At the moment, this technology works perfectly on resources with a small number of pages – up to 5-10K – so in the case of various delivery services, it provides an ideal solution for maximum performance.

Check out more on terms and costs of GatsbyJS development.

Websites that Use PWA

After the transition to Gatsby and JamStack, Impossible Foods achieved the following results:

  • 61% increase in unique users
  • 62% increase in the number of repeat activities
  • 92% increase in page views

Progressive Web App and Mobile Usability

PWA is a new technology that has replaced typical mobile applications, which are now starting to move into second place, especially for eCommerce, as their support, ease of installation, and weight have become inconvenient for business owners and users alike.

PWA offers a convenient way to make your site as mobile-friendly as possible, get the highest Google ratings, and allow your users to use the app from any platform.

This technology is particularly useful for businesses working with food delivery platforms aimed at increasing their re-purchases. PWA can help you create a very convenient user experience and encourage your customers to install the application on their phones.

In the future, you will be able to send Web push messages with order details, delivery status, and promotions through the mobile application, as well as enable your users to use your website offline.

What is PWA and how it can change the world of Web Applications?

How much it would cost to develop a PWA?

Companies in the Food Industry Who Use PWA

Through the introduction of PWA, Starbucks has achieved the following results:

  • 200% increase in daily audience
  • 200% increase in active users per day
  • the final version of the PWA clocked in at 233KB, 99.84% smaller than the 148MB size of the mobile iOS app.

The restaurant Carluccio’s switched to Headless to build a food delivery network. 

They used both the BigCommerce platform and the content management platform WordPress. As a result, they have reached full multiplatform, the ability to integrate third-party services, therefore maximizing performance.

Here are also some articles to give more information on the technology impact and the budget needed for a project developemеnt.

How headless is changing the future of eCommerce?How much would it cost to switch to modern stack Headless Ecommerce.

Modern Scalability with Headless eCommerce Technology

At the moment, most websites are created using a specific CMS or SaaS platform. Additionally, services today are usually multi-tech, and not limited to only one technology to solve all the possible technological problems.

Modern businesses require a platform for content, eCommerce, marketing, analytics, and more. For the perfect blend of all these platforms, we incorporate Headless technologies for further scaling. Several different services are combined through their APIs using the modern GraphQL and ReactJS framework.

Headless will enable you to upgrade your Headless-based project to further modern technologies, such as VR, AR, XR, or to prepare your service for voice search from Google and become more accessible.

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