The lightning fast pace of modern technology is continuously posing new challenges for businesses. Users crossed the three-second webpage load threshold a long time ago, and today they expect the page to load instantly on their devices, so companies strive to meet these strict demands.

JamStack is here to ensure that users have the best experience. It turns your website into static files that are then transferred to users without any requests to the server.

The GatsbyJS framework is the best representative of this technology. It is built on ReactJS and is extensively used by the most prominent global brands and enterprises. In addition to high-speed page loads, websites on Gatsby are very secure, load resistant, and use the latest tech stack.

Which Websites Use JamStack?

Several giant tech providers and leading brands have already implemented JamStack and Gatsby globally. You can check the speed and reliability of this technology by exploring the following businesses and their reported results.

​973% rise in organic blog traffic by website landing on the page ​56% boost in Google search terms

92% increase in page views 4.1M unique users 26% bounce rate

22% increase in organic traffic 50%+ increase in accessibility score leading to higher Google search rankings An immediate 10% reduction in bounce rates 60% rise in lead conversion rates with more people signing up for a free trial

Key Implementation Cases of JamStack

JamStack and Gatsby are the perfect option for large brands and websites built on CMS platforms, such as WordPress, with an extensive API allowing headless development.

  • Safety


    You get maximum security after the separation of the backend (CMS platform and administrative part) from the Frontend (visuals). After the separation, access to your database and admin panel is absolutely impossible for third-parties and thus remains safer than ever.

  • Load resistance

    Load resistance

    As the website is generated by static pages, you can place it on even the most inexpensive CDN hosting. These websites have an almost infinite load resistance because there’s no need for real-time requests to the server. You’ll be ready for extensive marketing campaigns and you can rest assured that your website will function stably.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Website on JamStack?

Our development process is based on identified iterations. It has proven flexibility, allowing us to incorporate all the necessary technologies and tools, ensuring the top-notch performance of your project.

The control and main work is set in the Jira project management system which provides you access to it at any time and at any stage of the project.

Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

At this stage, we evaluate the existing tech stack of your project, its critical requirements, and select the optimal solution for the implementation of JamStack. If necessary, we also create the main wireframes for your project. As a result, you are ready for the step-by-step implementation of your project.

Team: PM, business analyst, UX designer, Frontend/Backend developers.
Timeframe: 3 weeks
Cost: $2,000

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  • Time & cost estimation.
  • Agreement & SOW signed
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