What our partners from the famous GoodFirm write about SoftBlues

What our partners from the famous GoodFirm write about SoftBlues

Softblues’ CEO Ivan Pylypchuk Leads the Firm by Delivering Robust & Highly Scalable Solutions

Incorporated in 2006 and based in LVIV, Softblues an experienced outsourcing and product company aims to unite dreamers’ and doers’ ideas and transform industries by producing scalable and meaningful software products. Softblues’ professional team provides scalable tech solutions for businesses by always going the extra mile. 

Before collaborating with the clients, the team first understands their business, goals, and objectives. The group takes a proactive approach when producing products and services by making the most of both their business and technological expertise. Plus, the team shares, cares, and guarantees seamless cooperation with their partners in all aspects of business operations.

Moreover, the experts at Softblues always remain transparent and friendly with the clients. They believe that smart analysis and discussion together ensure perfection. Further, the group relishes sharing ideas and being honest with their partners, making the clients feel safe and well-informed in the process.

The in-house team develops eCommerce products – CMS, themes, and holds 15+ plugins to improve work with eCommerce, made with such well-known partners as WooCommerce and Pinterest. 

Besides this, SoftBlues provides full circle software development by concentrating on new stack technologies like progressive web and mobile applications, GatsbyJS, Laravel, React, Jam Stack, and Headless eCommerce. The group possesses tremendous experience with WordPress and WooCommerce solutions for business.

Recently, Softblues founder and the CEO, Ivan Pylypchuk, and the GoodFirms interviewer had a one-on-one conversation in which Ivan described the company’s objectives and working standards.

Ivan mentions that he is responsible for strategic planning, negotiations with key partners, and implementing new practices and processes. Starting with the story behind the company’s inception, Ivan divulges that he began his career as a web developer back in 2004. During that time, ecommerce was newly introduced in the market, and very few people acknowledged the need to build a website. 

Gaining confidence after the accomplishment of 2-3 projects, Ivan decided to start a full-fledged business. Later, in 2008, the experts realized that the existing content management systems like Joomla or Drupal were not enough to make the website development process effective as their template lacked flexibility. 

Continuing with the interview, Ivan explains the company’s business model. He reveals that mostly Softblues holds an in house team and has 60+ in house experienced developers who can cope with any eCommerce custom business solution. But in case of urgent requirements, Softblues merges with third-party vendors. Due to quality work, good planning, and on-time delivery, most clients remain satisfied and become repetitive. More than half of the clients return or become regular customers.

The team provides high-quality custom software development services. They furnish end-to-end web, desktop, and mobile solutions for clients’ businesses of any size to speed up their growth and improve organizational effectiveness. The expert engineers identify clients’ business needs and expectations to give them an accurate estimation of time and budget. 

Moreover, the group of qualified engineers presents real solutions to clients’ business that includes the setup of the environment, code/database migration, final check of the performance, and transfer of documentation. Thus, building stable, scalable, and high-performing solutions that drive clients’ business forward endows Softblues as one of the leading software development companies in LVIV at GoodFirms.

The review given by Robert, employee at Crafty Entertainment proves the quality service offerings rendered by Softblues.

At Softblues, the skilled engineers believe in agile methodologies and using frameworks that are perfect for a uniform product launch and testing clients’ business concept. They create innovations and digitize clients’ ideas with their technological and marketing expertise, empowering clients’ business growth.

The web developers hold hands-on experience in PHP and Node.js-based custom projects. The team practices the most up-to-date technologies for frontend automation, including but not confined to Gatsby, NextJS, GraphQL, PWA. This expertise allows the team to incorporate a broad range of stack backend technologies and produce a convenient user experience for clients’ projects. 

Thus, developing websites that are very secure, load resistant, and hold the latest tech stack would soon facilitate Softblues’ developers amongst the best web developers in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

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