An innovation platform for agro companies management


The task was to create a platform that could effectively manage all major operations for agro-companies, such as:

  • managing land registry
  • obtaining geo-data on land
  • tracking soil fertility
  • analyzing crops using images captured by drone shooting
  • managing personnel
  • distribution and task performance.

As land is the main asset of any agro-company, maps, and the display of basic and additional info, were the priority elements of the interface.

Crucial other focus matters of this project:

  • the real-time transfer of primary data – from employees of the agro-company to the system
    data analysis
  • the creation of useful reports for company executives to make effective decisions quickly.

Discovery Phase

At this stage, we assessed the complexity of the project, and our business analyst analyzed the requirements for MVP. Thus, we planned the project’s Work Breakdown Structure.  

We also agreed on the technology to use – PHP Symfony for the Backend, ReactJS for the Frontend, and Open Street API for working with the maps.

Team members involved: 

The designer provided the fundamental elements of the UX interface. 

Senior PHP and senior React developers assessed a detailed evaluation of the project development, agreed on team forming requirements and project architecture.

The duration of this phase was 1.5 months.

Initial Phase

At this stage, a full-time business analyst was involved in describing all the necessary user stories for project development. 

The project manager was involved part-time and prepared the development environment for Jira and started forming the core team interaction.

Senior Frontend and Backend developers laid out the architecture of the future platform and formed the main base of the project. Also, during this phase, our recruiters selected the core team to work on the project.

As a result of this phase, we selected a core team to develop the basic functional requirements for the project architecture, defined the developmental environment, and conducted business analysis while getting ready to set the first project sprints.

The duration of the phase was 2 months.

Development Phase

The main phase of development involved a team of 2 Backend, 2 Frontend developers, a PM, BA, and a designer.

Over the next three months, we developed the necessary functionality for the MVP, namely a land management fund and info display on the maps.

We set the necessary functionality for working with the user base, division of rights, and management of the primary structural data of the project. The client started working on the project with the first product early adopter and tested the platform in real-time.

The duration of the phase was three months.

Further Development and Support

We decided to expand the team and start building platform functionality to scale the solution and add new modules.

As modularity was immediately put into operation, several teams were able to develop additional capabilities, including:

Progressive Web App for mobile device support

SaaS platform for automatic user acquisition and scaling

Connection of essential GEO services

We are collecting photos from drones and information processing.

The phase is in progress.